Product News: Intel Bay Trail Ramps Up Performance For Atom Processors

2014 brings a new family of processors to the fore from Intel, codenamed Bay Trail. Although the market has seen steady improvements in reducing power consumption on Atom chips since 2008 you’d be hard pushed to find any major leaps in outright performance apart from adding support for HD video playback. The news is that Bay Trail will remedy the situation as products role out for 2014.

      Bay Trail brings 2 new powerful Celeron processors, but the really exciting news comes in a performance shift for Atom processors. The E3800 product family of Atom processors promises more power for the inexpensive, low power products in the embedded market, as well as high recommendations for mobile and deeply embedded applications. There’s also a Quad Core Atom processor for the first time. The full list of processors to be released are as follows:

Celeron Branded Processors

        • Bay Trail-D (Intel Celeron Processor J1900) Quad Core @2.0/2.42 (Burst) GHz, 688/792 (Turbo) GFX, 1333 DDR3L

          • Bay Trail-M (Intel Celeron Processor N2920) Quad Core @1.86/2.0 (Burst) GHz, 400/756 (Turbo) GFX, 1066 DDR3L

Atom Branded Processors

            • Bay Trail-I Premium (Intel Atom Processor E3845) Quad Core @ 1.91GHz, 542/792 (Turbo) GFX, 1333 DDR3L

              • Bay Trail-I High (Intel Atom Processor E3827) Dual Core @1.75GHz, 542/792 (Turbo) GFX, 1333 DDR3L

                • Bay Trail-I Intermediate (Intel Atom Processor E3826) Dual Core @1.46GHz, 533/667 (Turbo) GFX, 1066 DDR3L

                  • Bay Trail-I Medium (Intel Atom Processor E3825) Dual Core @1.33GHz, 533 GFX, 1066 DDR3L

                    • Bay Trail-I Entry (Intel Atom Processor E3815) Single Core @1.46GHz, 400 GFX, 1066 DDR3L

                        Assured will be bringing benchmark results, product releases and a full blog on Bay Trail as details come in, so make sure you send us an


                        with your details so we can keep you informed. For now all indications point to the following advancements for the E3800:

Improved Full-HD Media Performance

                          Better Full HD video acceleration and up to 15 simultaneous 1080p30 streams decode (top SKU).

Immersive 3D Graphics

                            Up to 5x improvement over previous API support.

Enhanced Secure Executions

                              Faster cryptographic execution with AES-NI secure/measured booting.

Reliability and Computing Efficiency

                                Optimised architecture for better QoS delivery.

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