Digital Signage Displays

Assured Systems offer a wide range of Digital Signage Displays for integration in many different environments.

Digital Signage Monitors – Further Information

Assured Systems offer a wide range of digital signage displays for integration in many different environments. 

Our high-definition displays come in sizes from 32″ up to a large format 98″, with 4K output.

These digital signage displays operate anywhere from 12 hours a day, up to 24 hours, where continuous playback is required. 

We also have solutions for in-window or semi-outdoor applications where high-brightness displays are required.

Assured Systems have supplied Businesses, Schools, Healthcare, Retail and the Public Sector, with large-format digital signage displays for many years.

We provide cost-competitive solutions to ensure you get the performance required and return on your investment.

Ourlarge format displays feature a built-in media player or system-on-chip (SOC), which creates a low-cost, standalone digital signage solution. Load your pictures, audio, or HD video files onto a USB flash drive and insert it into the back of the display. 

SOC digital signage displays allow for seamless integration with multiple CMS platforms such as SignageLive, Grassfish, and Now Signage.

We also have large format displays that integrate Intel OPS media players, which future proofs your display with upgradable computing performance and I/O, such as additional HDMI outputs.

Need Help Choosing?

We have over 20 years experience in helping engineers, developers and project owners to choose the correct hardware for their projects.