COM Express Type 7 Modules

Assured Systems supply a wide range of Mini COM Express Type 7 Modules fully configured with your choice of processor and memory.

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COM Express Type 7 modules are also known as server-on-modules and provide support for up to four 10GbE interfaces which is essential for the next generation of edge node appliances.

Type 7 server-on-modules are headless in that they have no display outputs and support, which is why they are often referred to as server-level COM express modules.

Users can choose between 10GbE Copper or Fiber solutions since the LAN PHY is located on the carrier board. Type 7 COM modules can further support up to 32 lanes of PCIe as well as an NC-SI management interface.

SoCs on these Type 7 COM modules range from entry-level Intel Atom, up to server-level 16-core Xeon processors.

Their extended operating temperatures range between -40°C to +85°C, offering a rugged solution.

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