COM Express Type 6 Modules

Assured Systems supply a wide range of COM Express Mini Type 6 Modules fully configured with your choice of processor and memory.

COM Express Type 6 modules are in line with current and future technology trends, by providing for the latest graphics interfaces (DisplayPort/DVI/HDMI), PCI Express Gen 2, and USB 3.0.

The newer Type 6 COM module pinout, based on the popular Type 2 pinout, has legacy functions replaced by Digital Display interfaces (DDI), additional PCI Express lanes and reserved pins for future technologies.

The COM Express Compact form factor is ideally suited to single chip x86 solutions (SoCs) with a power range between 5 to 20 watts. Utilising Intel Core and Atom SoCs, Type 6 Compact size COM modules are targeted, at mid and entry-level applications such as transportation, robotics, edge servers, industrial control, and HMIs in the industrial and medical fields.