Marine Computers

Assured Systems supply a wide range of Marine Computers fully configured with your choice of processor, memory, storage, peripheral cards and operating system.

Assured Systems’ range of marine computers are for use with on-board boats, ships and ferries. The main certifications for marine computers are DNV 2.4 and IEC 60945, which cover shock and vibration tolerance, as well as environmental safety.

These are Marine computers you can trust in the bridge of a vessel, control room and engine room.

The vessel’s integrated navigational system, improves the navigation and safety of the vessel through onboard intelligent marine computing. With real-time updates of crucial information, the INS assists in vessel operation and decision making.

The control and monitoring of the vessel, is mamnged from the control room. At the heart of the control room are marine computers, which face the challenges of processing large volumes of data and ensuring system reliability. 

In addition, these marine computers must support multiple independent displays to save on space and costs, solidly designed to withstand rough sea conditions.

The engine room is often located in an unattended machinery space, known as the vessel’s UMS. These marine computers often opearte in harsh environments where dust, vibration, and constant high temperatures are present.

Marine Certification Standards

DNV 2.4 – DNV ‘Det Norske Veritas’ (‘The Norwegian Truth’) which later merged with Germanischer Lloyd, is the world’s largest classification society. It is concerned mostly with maritime and offshore environmental regulations. DNV 2.4 qualifies a system for safeguarding life on a vessel but also the offshore environment.

IEC 60945 – This is the International Electro-technical Commission standard for maritime navigation and communication, where the equipment is certified to show it is able to withstand the harsh environment and conditions of operating at sea.

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