Advantech ADAM-6022 Ethernet-based Dual-loop PID Controller

Advantech ADAM-6022 Ethernet-based Dual-loop PID Controller


  • Loop Number : 2 (3 x AI, 1 x AO, 1 x DI, 1 x DO for each control loop)
  • 10 to 30V DC Power Input (4W @ 24V DC)
  • Over Voltage Protection : +/- 35V DC
  • Isolation Voltage : 2000V DC
  • Built-in TVS/ESD Protection
  • Power Reversal Protection
  • 10/100Base-Tx RJ45 LAN Interface
  • Supported Protocols : Modbus /TCP, TCP/IP, UDP and HTTP
  • System and Communication Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • -10C ~ +70C Operating Temperature
  • 6 Differential Analog Input Channels (16-bit Resolution)
  • Input Type : V, mA
  • Input Range : +/-10V DC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
  • Sampling Rate : 10 samples/second (total)
  • Input Impedance : 20Mohm
  • Accuracy : +/-0.1% of FSR
  • 2 Analog Output Channels (12-bit Resolution)
  • Output Type : V, mA
  • Output Range : 0-10V DC, 4-20mA, 0-20mA
  • Accuracy : +/-0.1% of FSR
  • Current Load Resistor : 0-500ohm
  • 2 Digital Input Channels (Dry; Wet Contact)
  • 2 Digital Output Channels (Open Collector to 30V, 100mA load)
  • Power Dissipation : 300mW for each module
  • Class 1, Division 2 approved for use in hazardous environments


Advantech’s ADAM-6022 is an Ethernet-enabled dual-loop PID controller for general purposed PID control applications. A user-friendly utility software is included for users to set PID parameters (Pv, Mv, & Sv). Through the integrated web page, users can monitor and change the control set point through the Internet via web browser. The ADAM-6022 also supports MODBUS/TCP protocol. HMI software can easily access this module to monitor the I/O data and change the control parameters.


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