In Vehicle Computers

Assured Systems supply a wide range of In-Vehicle Computers fully configured with your choice of processor, memory, storage, peripheral cards and operating system.

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Specialising in In-Vehicle Computing

Assured Systems range of vehicle computers are deployed in modern transportation applications all over the globe. Our range of rugged vehicle computers support the latest technologies to keep connected, including applications from autonomous fleet management to passenger infotainment aboard city subway infrastructure.

Resilient and Robust for Harsh Environmental Conditions

In-vehicle computers are often subject to a high-level of shock and vibration therefore ours are built to last from the ground up with complete elimination of moving parts, cables and jumpers prevented from becoming loose. 

Our COTS vehicles PCs are housed in a heavy-duty steel chassis with a unibody design and designed from the ground up to conform with MIL-STD testing compliance. Some of our embedded vehicle systems feature M12 locking connectors for a guaranteed secure connection.

Low Maintenance Fanless Design with Advanced Thermal Management

Designed for harsh outdoor environments, our range of fanless vehicle computers are built with an aluminium heat sink technology to support extended operating temperature ranges as far as -40c to +80C. 

All components integrated by Assured Systems are industrial-grade and designed with the same level of endurance to support wide temperatures and have no moving parts.

Reliable and Real-time Connectivity with Dead Reckoning and Motion Sensors

Built in mPCIe, M.2 and SIM slot expansion allows for the latest commercially available wireless communications including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, GPS and RTK dead reckoning.

Power Ignition Management with Wide Voltage Input 

Featuring intelligent in-built power ignition management, Assured Systems can set an adjustable delay timer for powering the rugged vehicle computer on or off to prevent data corruption from improper shutdowns. 

Upon the occurrence of a power failure, Assured Systems can configure your rugged vehicle box PC to support instant reboot.

Whether you’re looking to deploy systems on a bus, train or helicopter, our embedded vehicle PCs support a wide range power inputs from 9-48V DC. 

When sourcing power from a vehicle battery, the most common voltages are 12V, 24V and 28V, when coupled with Integrated power protection, this gives additional peace of mind when voltage supplies become low or when reverse power protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, ESD protection and surge protection is critical.

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