VT-FORS Gold Artic Trailer Safety Kit

VT-FORS Gold Artic Trailer Safety Kit

VT-FORS Gold Artic Trailer Safety Kit

  1. VT5500-G-1TB
  2. VT-C20-Mini
  3. VT-LT-Alert
  4. VT-CAN-M8
  5. VT-WN Reversing Alarm
  6. VT-Timer Cut Out
  7. VT-M4-7-AHD (Kit)
  8. VT408-AHD x2
  9. VT408 Spacer 50mm x2, VT408 Spacer 25mm x2
  10. VT-Side Scan
  11. VT-Corner Scan
  12. VT646-AHD
  13. VT Warning Sticker Blind Spot
  14. VT-C5M x3, VT-C15M x1, VT-C20M x1
  15. VT-Suzi
  16. VT-C-Male to Female
  17. VT-Image Splitter (Auto)


The VT-FORS Gold for Tractor and Artic vehicles provide an encompassing solution for your fleet. They enable FORS gold compliance through a mix of cameras, DVR’s, sensors and audio alerts. The kits include everything the VT-FORS Silver kits do with a number of additional features. FORS-Gold kits incorporate DVR units, front facing camera, left turn alarm, CAN interface, reverse alarm, timer cut out, 4 channel monitor, side view camera, spacers, side and corner scan sensors, rear view cameras, visual warnings and all cabling and accessories.

The system includes a 1TB DVR unit that captures footage from all round the vehicle. It provides and accurate witness in the event of an accident and will even allow in depth driver behaviour analytics, fleet performance and efficiency tracking. All of which assist in your aspirations for gold accreditation.

As an option you can opt into a fully connected service which includes a sim card connecting the DVR back to base to enable real time review and the sending of incident data just seconds after it has happened.

On top of that you can also subscribe (optional if you already have a software package) to ‘Autonomise’. This fantastic software captures, processes and stores high-def video footage enhanced with telematics data. The data received is analysed using complex algorithms to present meaningful management information which is displayed in a series of user-friendly dashboards, alerts and reports. Audible alerts can be sent to the devices notifying drivers that their actions are being recorded, which has a positive effect on their behaviour on the road.

Benefits include:

  • Evidence against insurance claims
  • Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers
  • Built in GPS, driver behaviour and telematics
  • Prevent accidents and personal injury
  • Manoeuvre safely
  • Enhance blind spot vision
  • Deterrent against Vandalism

Assured Systems works with a number of installation partners nationally. We can arrange a convenient time for you to come and install and setup our kits. We ensure to minimise any downtime whilst making your fleet safe and compliant. 

We can customise any of our kits to suit your requirements or vehicle type. These include flat beds, panel vans and more. Please get in contact for further assistance.


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VT5500-G  – Supports 4 Channels AHD (1080P) +1 Channel IPC (1080P) – Supports hard disk for main recording – Alarm integration for central monitoring – Supports GPS and 3G/4G – Built-in three-axis intertial sensor – Vibration-resistant design
VT-LT ALERT  – Dual voltage 12-24 volts – Bracket Mounted (2 Bolt Fixing) – M.I.R.A. tested for all on and off road applications – CE and emc marked – Epoxy sealed for greater durability against water and vibration – Pressure washable – IP6
VT-TIMER CUT OUT  – Six minute timer cut-out – Auto reset – 12-14V – IP67 rated – sealed against mud, water and vibration – 30(H) x 88(W) x 47(D) mm
VT408-AHD  – DC 12V-24V – 120° – 62(L) x 44(H) x 62(W) (mm) – -20°C + 70°C – 1280 x 720 pixels
VT-SIDE SCAN  – 4 sensors mixed sensors – PCB built into sensors – Splash-proof ECU – Digital distance display w/buzzer – DSM scannng technology – Dual voltage
VT-CORNER SCAN  – 4 Flush Sensors – PCB built into sensors – Splash-prood ECU – Digital distance display w/buzzer – DSM scanning technology – Dual voltage
VT-C20-MINI  – 1/2.8″ SONY 2.13-megapixel – 1920 x 1080 resolution – 0.05 Lux/F1.2 (Auto Gain on) – 3.6mm – DC 12V +- 10% – 90(L) x 46(H) x 70(W)mm
VT-WN REVERSING ALARM  – Epoxy-sealed for greater durability – Minimum 85 Db output – M.I.R.A tested for all on and off-road applications – Pressure washable – IP67 – 2 Wire
VT-M4-7-AHD (Kit)  – 10.1″ digital screen – Resolution 1024 x 600p – 4 video inputs and 4 trigger wires – power voltage of DC10V-36V – 352(L) x 166(W) x 32(D) mm
VT408 Spacer 50mm  – 65(L) x 50(H) x 55(W) (mm)
VT408 Spacer 25mm  – 65(L) x 25(H) x 55(W) (mm)
VT646-AHD  – 1/3″ colour lens – 1280 x 720 resolution – 120° wide-viewing angle – IR night vision – 50(L) x 50(H) 80(W)mm

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