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If it's moving then it needs technology. We specialise in systems that can withstand the rigours of mobile applications.

Railway Systems

Assured Systems has over a decade of experience selling computer systems and associated products for transportation and mobile applications. Embedded systems are now employed ubiquitously across transport infrastructure; therefore, our portfolio is positioned to include a wide range of products purpose-built for applications throughout this sector.

Whether you are providing digital signage, surveillance, monitoring engine performance or track integrity, adding asset tracking capabilities to your fleet, or developing ticketing systems in stations, we can help. Our systems include features such as shock and vibration compliance, extended temperature operation, wide input power supplies designed to work with the ignition system of your vehicle, mobile data communication and GPS. Our systems include compliance and certification to rail standards, including EN50155, EN50121 and EN45545. For more information on compliance standards, please read our article on EN50155 compliance.

Featured Case Study

Intelligent Surveillance Solution for Passengers Safety

The safety of passengers and drivers aboard public transport has been the ongoing focus of mass transit operations worldwide.



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