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About Advantech

As partners of Advantech we understand the push for smart cities and IoT solutions that are so highly desired by industry. Advantech is a trusted innovative manufacturer of systems for industrial automation and digital signage. Products include industrial embedded computers, panel pcs, IoT systems, industrial motherboards, network security devices and much more.

Premium products, premium performance and premium service are essential to Advantech’s success, we work closely with Advantech as a key distributor to be able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions handpicked for your convenience, it is this partnership that allows Advantech and Assured Systems to be able to integrate complete solutions for a wide array of industries.

Advantech are a part of numerous alliances to improve standards and efficiency of industrial technology including their very own iPlanet Care program offering comprehensive service and support, which, when combined with Assured’s global support chain results in a world-leading service for complete peace of mind.

Digital Signage Players/PCs

Advantech span a mass of industries with their global operations and our partnership allows us to couple this diversity with our knowledge, experience and first-class support, bringing our clients the very best of both worlds. They offer products such as the exceptionally high performance fanless digital signage PC-DS570-based upon the Intel Celeron Bay Trail processors (N2930 OR J1900) and the NVidia GeForce GT730M GPU for superior graphics performance with 2, 3 or 4 outputs be it 2x HDMI, DP or VGA.

Embedded Computer Systems

Their acclaimed compact embedded computers offer reliability and performance in a small package, for instance the ARK-1122 contains an Intel Atom N2600 CPU using super-low power, it is packed with features such as 4x serial ports and 4x USB and Gigabit Ethernet. It has a wide operating temperature range and can be mounted with either VESA, wall or DIN mounting.

As an Advantech distributor we have fantastic ability to bring together complete installations with a fast turn-around for simple, efficient installation with continued support and assistance, so get in touch using the numbers below as we look forward to being a part of your success.

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