Our Solutions

Industrial Computing

Assured Systems offers an extensive range of industrial computing solutions, including industrial PCs, panel pcs, monitors and motherboards designed to perform reliably in demanding conditions.

Edge Computing

We offer edge computing solutions for industrial and commercial applications, including embedded computers, certified solutions and edge AI GPU computing platforms.

Nvidia Jetson

Assured Systems supply a wide range of NVIDIA Jetson systems, carrier boards and developer kits designed to provide high-performance computing for AI and edge computing applications.

Certified Computing

Assured Systems provides a diverse selection of certified systems, including ATX Class 1 Div 2, MIL-STD810H, IEC60945, and EN50155, ensuring reliability and compliance across various industry standards.

Boards & Modules

Assured Systems offer a wide range of single board computers, system-on-modules, carrier boards and video capture solutions, offering customers an OEM solution to product development.

Industrial IOT Devices

We offer a wide range of industrial IOT devices including serial, digital I/O and analogue I/O modules and complete data acquisition systems. We also offer specialised industrial networking solutions for niche applications.

Panel PCs

Assured Systems offer Panel PCs and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) designed for retail, industrial and outdoor applications with optional touchscreen technology.

Display Solutions

We offer industrial monitors with features and durability to fit commercial and industrial applications, including a range of certified solutions for rail, marine, oil and gas markets.

Digital Signage

Assured Systems offer a wide range of digital signage solutions including media players, commercial displays and content management software.

Industrial Components

Assured Systems provides a selection of high-quality Industrial Components, designed to meet the demanding requirements of various industrial applications.


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