IoT Gateways

Internet of Things (IoT) gateways are crucial components in the IoT ecosystem. They act as a bridge between devices and the cloud, enabling smooth communication and data flow. IoT gateways collect data from connected devices, perform necessary processing and analysis, and send it to the cloud. They also ensure security by implementing protocols to protect the data during transmission. IoT gateways are particularly vital in industrial settings, where they can integrate with systems like industrial wireless routers and LANs to facilitate robust, secure, and efficient IoT implementations.


Artila Matrix-752 Linux-ready Cortex-A7 Highly Integrated Industrial IoT Gateway


DFI EC700-BT3054-192 Intel Celeron J1900 Compact Fanless Computer with 2GB Memory


Artila Matrix513 IoT Gateway with ARM Processor, 2 LAN, 4 COM


Neousys IGT-21 ARM-based Fanless In-Vehicle Industrial IoT Gateway with CAN Bus


Winmate EACFA20 NXP A9 i.MX6 Dual Core EAC Mini IoT Gateway with 3x USB & 2x LAN


Winmate EACIL21 Intel Celeron/Pentium EAC Mini IoT Gateway w/ 3x USB & 2x LAN


Winmate EACIL20 Intel Apollo Lake EAC Mini IoT Gateway with 2x USB and 2x LAN


Winmate EACIL67 Intel Apollo Lake EAC Mini Full IP67 IoT Gateway


DFI ECX700-AL Intel Atom E3900 Series Ruggedized Fanless Embedded PC with 2x USB


Neousys IGT-124 Industrial-Grade x86-based IIoT Gateway w/ Dual Gigabit LAN


Neousys IGT-22-DEV Industrial-Grade IoT Gateway Development Kit
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IoT Gateways – Further Information

IoT (Internet of Things) Gateways are small form factor embedded computers with enough storage, memory and processing power to receive and manage data from various sources and in differing protocols via requisite I/O or over wireless networks.

These gateways are concerned with device connectivity, protocol translation, data filtering and processing, security, updating and any other such information management tasks.

IIoT Gateways

Assured sell a range of IoT gateways to fit any factory automation application with a selection of systems utilizing Intel or ARM based CPU types. This is now commonly referred to as IIot or Industrial Iot, reflecting the resilience and ruggedness of the systems used.

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