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About Winsonic

Winsonic is a leading global manufacturer of digital LCD displays based in Taoyuan, Taiwan. Established in 1997, Winsonic quickly gained a reputation for quality, innovation and value. Winsonic has strong manufacturing facilities with dedicated customer services and support for supply channels. Investment in research and development in both products and manufacturing efficiency means lead times are short and quality is high.

Our partnership with Winsonic allows us to specify quality LCD monitors, LCD touch panel monitors, LCD TVs and flash card reader displays in most sizes for any industrial and commercial application. We can configure bespoke I/O, touch technology, IP protection, mounting options and size requirements with a short lead time and at the right price point. Rackmount, panel mount, high-brightness, IP65, IP66, widescreen, open frame, stretched, chassis mount and desktop variations are all readily available across our site.

Since 2011, Assured Systems is the preferred supplier of Winsonic LCD products in the UK, Europe and the United States. Together we share the Winsonic vision to bring Performance, Innovation and Enjoyment to everyone’s life through through Quality LCD products.

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