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Since 1989, Silicon Valley-based Diamond Systems Corporation has provided rugged, I/O-rich embedded computing solutions  to companies in a broad range of markets, including transportation, energy, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, medical and research.

Diamond’s extensive product line includes compact, highly integrated  single board computers (SBCs); an extensive line of expansion modules for analogue and digital I/O, wired and wireless communications including multiprotocol serial ports and Ethernet switches, GPS, solid-state disk, and power supply functions; and complete,  rugged, system-level solutions.

Their products are based on industry-standard embedded buses and form-factors such as PC/104, EBX, EMX, EPIC, ETX, and COM Express.

Diamond Systems is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, maintaining a global network of ISO 9000-certified manufacturing facilities, including locations in the U.S. and Far East and with their scalable manufacturing infrastructure, it allows Diamond Systems to quickly scale up to almost any production volume requirement as well as to locate the manufacturing as needed to suit policy or logistics requirements. Each production unit undergoes full-function production test, with test results archived in an online database.

All of their product configurations are maintained under strict document control, guaranteeing consistency of design, component selection and performance during the entire life of the product.

Diamond Systems is focused on delivering successful solutions for demanding real-world applications and bringing value to their embedded customers across many markets. Their customers benefit from single-supplier convenience, proven compatibility among system components, lower product development costs, and quicker time-to-market.

Global Engineering Talent

Diamond Systems maintains a dedicated internal product design and development team supplemented by a global network of experts in related fields of embedded hardware and software engineering. This approach provides the best combination of intellectual property development and protection plus access to the widest possible array of engineering knowledge and experience. This enables us to offer a broader range of technical capabilities for your project.

Wide Product Selection

Diamond Systems in-house technology base is one of the widest in the embedded computing industry. Their CPU expertise includes CPU chips, firmware and BIOS, offering a wide variety of proven I/O building blocks such as analogue I/O, digital I/O, Ethernet, WiFi, serial, relays and optoisolation. In addition, their strategic third party relationships complement their standard product offering to provide an even wider range of products from which to choose, offering you one-stop service for your embedded system.

Diamond’s Products

Diamond’s products are designed from the ground up to meet the challenges of harsh environments at competitive prices with their products used successfully around the world in applications such as:

  • Military air, land, and sea vehicles
  • Locomotives
  • Passenger Trains and Subways
  • Unmanned Airborne and Underwater Vehicles
  • Robots
  • Spacecraft and the International Space Station
  • Medical Equipment
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Industrial Automation

Rugged Designs

We design and build rugged embedded computing systems for critical applications. Our customer base includes companies in the military, aerospace, land and sea vehicle, medical, oilfield, process control, equipment, and traffic control industries. Each design incorporates features to ensure that it can survive harsh environmental applications including the outdoors and on-board military vehicles. Soldered-on memory, fanless operation, extended temperature operation, high shock and vibration tolerances and high integration all add up to increased reliability in these and other real-world applications.

While other vendors screen their products or maintain separate bills of material for wide temperature operation, Diamond’s products are fully qualified over their rated operating temperature ranges during the design phase. This ensures that production units available off the shelf meet the stated temperature range, without the additional cost and time associated with screening standard products or building special-order products.

Customisation Capabilities

Diamond offer a comprehensive program of perfect-fit solutions and standard product variants, so you benefit from COTS pricing and availability while also obtaining a product that meets your exact requirements. In addition they offer a custom design program that takes advantage of our extensive in-house technology base to decrease product development time and cost.

Advanced Analogue Technology

Diamond Systems knows embedded analogue I/O with patented autocalibration technology reducing analogue measurement errors by a factor of 10 over competitors’ solutions. Their product designs include advanced features not available from other vendors, such as multiple A/D sampling methods and clock sources, programmable A/D FIFO and PWM circuitry. Their comprehensive programming libraries for popular embedded operating systems enable you to implement the critical features you need to make your product stand out above the rest.

Long Lifecycle Support

Diamond Systems utilise a full life cycle management process to provide you a stable hardware and software platform with opportunities for technology refreshes during the life of your product, maintaining a 7+ year life cycles on standard products and providing advance notification in end of life situations. Two of their current top selling I/O boards were introduced in 1997 and 1998 and others have been in production since as early as 1991.

In many cases, new products provide upgraded performance while maintaining backward compatibility in both connector and software interfaces. This provides an easier migration path for existing customers whose product lifecycles exceed those of the components they rely on and it also offers a convenient technology refresh to enhance the performance of your system.

Through last-time-buy volume component purchases, they often extend the availability of a product beyond its official end of life. Sometimes we can produce end of life products years later, depending on part availability.


Diamond Systems assures high quality products through an extensive testing process. During development, all products are put through extensive design verification testing for proper functionality and adherence to operating temperature, shock and vibration specifications. Before shipment, each product undergoes a thorough manufacturing test to verify proper production and validate functionality.

Commitment to Open Standards

Basing their products on open standards like PC/104, COM Express and QSeven provides multiple benefits for vendor and customer alike. Diamond utilize a wide array of latest-generation component and software technologies for board-level and driver software design, helping them to develop products faster and provide a competitive technology foundation for their product. You benefit from a huge array of compatible boards from multiple vendors, so you too enjoy the benefits of fast time to market, lower development costs and a stable technology platform for the life of your product.

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