Desktop LCD Monitors

Our range of Desktop Touchscreen LCD Monitors are designed for light industrial applications where touchscreen input is required. The devices are supplied with a removal desk stand and VESA mounts, offering wall mounting where required. A wide range of display sizes, video inputs and touchscreen options ensures we have a product for every application.


21.5″ Widescreen Desktop LCD Touch Monitor (1920×1080)
  • 250nit
  • Standard


12.1″ DuraVision Industrial Grade Touchscreen Monitor (800×600)
  • 360nit
  • Standard


12.1″ DuraVision Industrial Grade LCD Monitor (800×600)
  • 450nit
  • Standard


12.1″ Industrial High Bright Touchscreen Monitor (1024×768)
  • 550nit
  • Standard


15″ Industrial Touchscreen Monitor with Various Mounting Options (1024×768)
  • 320nit
  • Standard


17″ DuraVision Industrial Touchscreen Monitor w/EcoView (1280×1024)
  • 200nit
  • Standard


19″ DuraVision Industrial Flat Touchscreen Display (1280×1024)
  • 380nit
  • Standard
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Desktop Touchscreen Monitors – Further Information

We sell light industrial desktop monitors with touchscreen which are useful in applications with tills or POS systems in retail and hospitality, or other such light industrial applications. They work with computers which have a supporting ‘touch’ operating system. The visual function of the monitor is usually through VGA, DVI or HDMI depending on the specification and touchscreen connectivity is via serial or a USB.

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