Data Acquisition Modules

Assured Systems supplies a range of  data acquisition modules and ethernet I/O modules that provide ideal industrial control and measurement solutions for harsh environments and demanding applications. Features include wide operating temperature ranges and multiple mounting methods.


InLog L-8041 14-ch Isolated Digital Input Module with LED Display


InLog L-8024 4-ch Analogue Output 4-ch Digital Input Module


InLog L-8018 Analogue/Thermocouple Temperature 8-ch Input Module


InLog L-8017 Analogue 8-ch Isolated Input Module 16-Bit/12-Bit


InLog L-4250 Two Ethernet Digital 10-ch (Dry/Wet) 6-ch (NPN) I/O Module


InLog L-9017 Analogue Ethernet-based 8-ch Isolated Input Module 16 Bit

L-9063 A

InLog L-9063 A Digital Ethernet 7-ch Input and 3-ch Relay Outputs Module

L-9060 A

InLog L-9060 A Digital Ethernet 5-ch Input and 3-ch Relay Outputs Module

L-9053 A

InLog L-9053 A Digital Ethernet 12-ch Input and 4-ch Output Module


InLog L-9052 AB Digital Ethernet 8-ch Input Dry/Wet Contact and 8-ch Output mod

L-9052 A

InLog L-9052 A Digital Ethernet 8-ch Input Dry Contact, 8-ch Output Module


InLog L-9051 AB Digital Ethernet 12-ch DI Wet Con, 2-ch DO, 2-ch Counter Module
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