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AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms today. Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON produces integrated Industry 4.0 solutions, cutting-edge AI hardware, and IoT solution platforms that seamlessly consolidate virtual and physical networks. We also develop hardware and intelligent automated services for premier OEM/ODMs and system integrators worldwide. Our reliable, high-quality computing platforms include industrial motherboards and systems, industrial displays, rugged tablets, PC/104, PICMG and COM modules, embedded SBCs, embedded controllers, network appliances and related accessories. AAEON also offers customized end-to-end services from initial product conceptualization and product development through to volume manufacturing and after-sales service programs, and we are committed to the continuous advancement of the industry’s management and development processes.

With its constant pursuit of innovation and excellence, AAEON became a member of the ASUS group in 2011, enabling the company to further strengthen its leadership, access advanced technology from ASUS, and leverage resources from within the group. AAEON is poised to offer more diversified embedded products and solutions at higher quality standards to meet world-class design and manufacturing demands in the years to come.

AAEON is an Associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance.


AAEON contributes to our smart and sustainable planet by providing innovative industrial platforms to help customers increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.


To become the best partner for innovation in the IoT era, with focus, agility and competitiveness

Business Philosophy

People-Oriented Leadership
Respect the diversity and difference of individuals. Stay open minded and receptive to new ideas.

Integrity and Honesty
Maintain social and ethical norms, and adhere to ethical principles in all matters.

Excellence in Innovation
Develop innovative and viable solutions through creative problem-solving techniques.

Customer Centred Care
Provide exceptional customer experience and build strong customer relationships.

AAEON Core Values

  • Focus: Do what we can be the best
  • Agility: Quickly respond to environmental changes
  • Competitiveness: Challenge ourselves to continuously improve

Core Competence

Product Innovation

AAEON has excellent OEM/ODM capabilities to meet customers’ specific requirements and product specifications. We are always expanding and investing aggressively in research & development, and continuously improving our product innovation to maintain our leading edge in the market.

Design Capability

AAEON has a superior research and development team with more than 20% of AAEON employees in R&D and 10% of annual sales revenue invested in products and solutions development. AAEON is prepared to handle the most demanding designs driven by the latest technologies. Continuous innovation has enabled AAEON to obtain many design patents and awards worldwide.

Customization Service

AAEON has excellent customization capabilities to meet different requirements. Modulated design shortens development time and difficulties, and reduces customization development costs. Flexible production processes also provide excellent customization quality and delivery time. Software customization ability can help customers quickly respond to market demands. AAEON’s customization services have been highly recognized by customers over the years.

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