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Assured Systems are an official partner of Arestech for both the UK and US market.

Arestech, an expert in design and manufacture of embedded and automation solutions with over a decade of product development experience committed to developing innovative, high quality and high-performance products for diversified technology markets and applications. With their dynamic expertise in the embedded market, Arestech offer a full range of industrial computing solutions including embedded box PCs, industrial multi-touch displays, and multi-touch panel PCs.

Arestech’s dedication to product development is matched by their commitment to world-class customer support with an industrial product lifecycle plan. Their design and manufacture process create embedded solutions for harsh environments. In such places, a fanless industrial computer is the best solution for system integrators and equipment manufacturers. In order to suit the needs of these applications, Arestech develop ruggedly designed Box PCs and Panel PCs which can comfortably operate in temperatures ranging from -20˚ C to +60˚ C.

The development of embedded in-vehicle computing is a major focus industry for Arestech. Their industrial-grade in-vehicle computing solutions integrate video transmission, monitoring and other functions suitable for use in vehicle surveillance, fleet management, transportation computing systems and telematics systems.

To meet the needs of the growing Industry 4.0 trend, Arestech is developing the next generation of embedded box PCs, industrial multi-touch displays, and panel PCs designed to service the automation industries for factory automation, CNC machining, machine automation, machine vision, and robotics for handling, production and assembly.

Machine vision technology is increasingly being used in industrial automation as an efficient and economical way to implement quality assurance. Arestech’s machine vision solutions have become well known among industry leaders in factory automation and is used in such diverse areas as process control, electronics, pharmaceutical packaging, semi-conductor inspection, and robotics.

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