Intel Smart Kiosk Module

Assured Systems’ range of Intel Smart Kiosk Modules are a revolutionary solution, accelerating scalability, simplifying service and maintenance, and making it easier to upgrade and integrate new technologies in interactive kiosks.


Axiomtek SDM510L 12th Gen Intel Core i7/i5/i3/Celeron Intel Smart Display Module
  • DDR4
  • 1x LAN Port
  • 4x USB Ports
  • 1x Storage Type
  • Standard OT: 0°C to 60°C
  • 12V
  • 3.3V


Litemax AEXP-SKM0-IOB0 Intel Smart Kiosk Module Carrier Board supports w/ 6x USB


Litemax ISKM-CFL3-Q370 Intel Smart Kiosk Module Box System with 10x USB & 4x COM


Litemax ASKM-CFL3 Intel 8th Gen Core/Celeron Intel Smart Kiosk Module w/ 2x USB
Results: 4

Assured Systems offer a range of Intel Smart Kiosk Modules, that ship with advanced capabilities, such as workload consolidation, artificial intelligence, smartphone, social media integration, 5G connectivity, telepresence, remote manageability and data analytics.

The Intel SKM offers many valuable advantages over previous interactive kiosk hardware design configurations, including one size fits all, simplified service and maintenance, ease of upgrading, lower cost, ability to power multiple workloads from a single device, highly scalable and is backwards compatible with Intel SDM.

Assured Systems are your trusted Intel Smart Kiosk Module supplier and system integrator.

Experience configuring the best Intel Smart Kiosk Modules for a wide range of applications sets us apart from our peers. With over 70% of our staff dedicated to technical sales, we recommend solutions that don’t just fit the performance requirements but carry the correct certification and go through rigorous testing.

If you require support in these initial stages, our friendly technical staff will happily make recommendations for you to take away and discuss with your team.

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