FORS Compliant Safety Kits

<p>Assured Systems offer an extensive range of multi-channel cameras that can be combined to provide complete internal and external visibility of the vehicle for you and your driver. With front, driver, cargo, side and rear devices you can ensure you are covered from all angles.</p>
<p>We can create multi-camera solutions for all types of transport operations, so you can protect your drivers from bogus or exaggerated claims, thefts and allegations of driving offences. At the same time, you can remove blind spots for the driver by combining the devices with an in-vehicle monitor.</p>
<p>Corner, side and rear sensors provide added visibility and increased protection on the road in the congested urban environment. The automatic detection systems give audible and visual alerts, warning the driver of nearby cyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, especially in vehicle blind spots.</p>
<p>This technology can be used as a standalone or integrated solution, as well as connected to our IoT cloud-based platform for advanced monitoring. Improve road safety, reduce insurance costs and comply with accreditation initiatives such as FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) by combining a detection system with multi-channel cameras, an in-vehicle monitor and a mobile digital video recorder (MDVR).</p>

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