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Acces I/O are one of the world’s leading suppliers of Acquisition Control Communication Engineering Systems (ACCES).

Assured Systems are an official partner and distributor for AccesI/O who since 1987 when founded in San Diego CA now possess one of the industry’s widest selection of data acquisition products working closely with vendors to ensure long product life-cycles for continued support and long-term availability. Products designed in the late 80’s are still being shipped almost 30 years on indicating their dedication to not just the industry but more importantly their clients.

A 3-year product warranty is a standout factor across their products including analog I/O’s, serial communication and isolated I/O boards as well as complete systems and integration abilities all designed to work with PC/104, PCI, PCI Express, Pico-I/O, ETX, EBX, EPIC, USB, USB/104, USB/PICO, Ethernet, ISA, distributed wireless I/O and computer-on-module form factors- rather comprehensive then as I’m sure you’ll agree.

RIDACS Remote Intelligent Data Acquisition & Control Systems

Distributed Input / Output is commonly used to reduce installation cost, ” home-run” wiring, and potential noise interference. REMOTE ACCES pods installed in RIDACS systems let you install interfaces and control outputs close to the sensors and controllers and provide communication with a host computer via a two-wire, high-noise-immunity serial communications network- more information.

Serial Communication

Products such as the 4-port PCI-COM422/4 are designed for use within PCI-Bus computers supporting RS-422 communication. At just 6.1″ (155mm) long, it can be installed into any 5-volt PCI slot in IBM and compatible computers. It’s also easy to use with no switches to set or base addresses to assign as when first installed, Windows detects the device as new hardware and automatically assigns it an IRQ number and base address.

USB to Serial Adaptors

Our USB to serial adaptors are ideal, intelligent and cost-effective modules for the transfer of high-speed asynchronous data communication via USB. Connect between a computer or remote device  utilising the standard COM ports see more here.

PCIe Serial Communication Card

Acces I/O’s PCI Express multiport serial communication card provides 8 x PCIe–COM232-8 high-speed RS-232 ports. It can be utilised in a vast array of applications with each port capable of supporting data rates up to 921.6kbps with full modern control signals to ensure compatibility with serial devices. The PCIe COM 232-8 is a low-profile communication card whilst maintaining its expandability and upgradeability to the end-user, for further information on its lengthy spec see here

USB to Digital I/O

The USB-IDIO-16L is a small, high speed and solid state output module for digital I/Os, it is ideal for those looking to add portable, easy-to-install isolated input and SSD output capabilities to any computer with a USB port. Compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 the IDIO-16L unit contains a vast feature list which can be seen here and is ideal for factory automation, energy management, industrial ON/OFF control, security systems, manufacturing tests and process monitoring to name just a few.

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