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Assured Systems offer Panel PCs and HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) designed for retail, industrial and outdoor applications with optional touchscreen technology.

Our Guide to Panel PCs and HMIs

Panel PCs have emerged as pivotal tools across a spectrum of sectors, including industrial automation, manufacturing, transportation, medical equipment, and retail. These versatile devices offer a compact and unified solution, reshaping control, monitoring, data acquisition, and seamless human-machine interaction within these intricate landscapes.

What are Panel PCs & HMIs?

Panel PCs are essentially a combination of a display and a fully-functional, purpose built computer. Ruggedized, these all-in-one systems are designed for use in high traffic areas or industrial environments where dust, debris, moisture and shock/vibrations would typically cause problems for standard computers.

HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) provide a graphical interface for users to interact with the system. They are designed to be easy to use, often with intuitive menus and action buttons. In addition to being user-friendly, HMIs also provide a standardised way for operators to interact with the system. This prevents errors that can lead to costly downtime or even damage to equipment.

Where are Panel PCs Commonly Used?

Panel PCs and HMIs are used across a wide variety of industries, including the automotive, maritime, oil & gas, medical, military, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors. Highly versatile, they can be adapted to virtually any industrial environment for tasks such as machine automation and process control. They are also commonly used in retail settings for point-of-sale systems, digital signage, kiosks, and other interactive applications. Such systems are also commonly used within medical facilities for patient data collection and healthcare monitoring, in hospitality settings for customer service, and in transportation systems for ticketing and navigation.

What are the Main Types of Panel PCs & HMIs?

Industrial Panel PCs

Industrial Panel PCs are designed to withstand long-term use in harsh environments. They are typically fanless, featuring an industrial embedded computer which is integrated into the display without the need of a separate computer chassis. They are designed to be integrated directly into the production environment and to provide operators with a reliable interface for controlling processes. Ruggedized Industrial Panel PCs offer excellent protection from extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, dust and debris, and damp conditions.

Open Frame Panel PCs

Typically utilised by system integrators and OEMs, Open Frame Panel PCs have no bezel and are usually mounted inside machines or fixed to a door and accessed via a cut-out. Similarly to Industrial PCs, Open Frame Panel PCs are also designed to operate seamlessly in extreme production environments.


Designed to be as compact as possible, RISC-Based Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) feature a bezel which can be mounted into an aperture in your design. Often conforming to IP65 standards for water and dust resistance, these products are ideal for rugged applications.

PoE Powered Panel Computers

Ideal for light industrial applications where aesthetics play an important role, our PoE Powered Panel Computers are a stylish choice which can be powered by power over ethernet (PoE). Available in sizes from 7″ upwards, these all-in-one computers are perfect for applications such as check-ins for waiting rooms or travel.

Stainless Steel Panel PCs

With IP65, IP66 or IP69K ingress protection, Stainless Steel Panel PCs are completely waterproof making them an ideal choice for food processing, retail and outdoor applications. Our COTS stainless steel HMIs are manufactured with SUS304 grade stainless steel which offers excellent resistance to bacterial growth and corrosion.

Market Certified PCs & HMIs

Manufacturers such as Avalue, Winmate, Axiomtek, Aplex  Technology and many more provide a range of Certified Panel PCs. Below are the main markets we provide certified solutions to:

Class 1 / Div 2 ATEX Zone 2 Certified Panel PCs

Within some applications, such as oil and gas and petrochemical, specialised computing solutions are required to ensure safe operations due to hazardous conditions. Industrial Panel PCs certified for use in such conditions are certified as either Class 1 Division 2 for the US and ATEX Zone 2 for Europe. Key features which make systems viable for such applications include explosion proof components, fully waterproof enclosures, wide temperature operation and wide power inputs.

Marine Certified Panel PCs

Marine Certified Panel PCs are designed for use on-board marine vessels. IP66 rated and featuring waterproof seals, marine certified PCs deliver high resistance to salt, fog and corrosion. Systems are also fanless and solid state to enable them to withstand high vibrations and shock for complete reliability.

Medical Panel PCs

Our Touchscreen Medical Panel PCs are certified to UL60601-1 and feature specialised protective enclosures which are fully sealed against contaminants such as dust and liquids. Systems also feature antimicrobial surfaces to maintain high levels of hygiene within busy healthcare settings. Available fanless or with a smart-fan for more power-hungry requirements, Medical Panel PCs provide busy healthcare professionals with robust and reliable computing solutions.

In-Vehicle HMIs

Combining an LCD display with a computer, In-Vehicle HMIs are compact devices which can be installed in both commercial and industrial vehicles using an industry standard arm or bracket. These systems feature high visibility touch screens and large ruggedized keyboards complete with backlit keys for ease of use and reliability within demanding conditions.

Military Panel PCs

Available with 5-wire resistive or P-CAP touch, up to 4K resolution, wide-range temperature input and anti-corrosion / EMI protection, each of our Military Panel PCs are compliant with MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461 standards. Complete with military-grade power connectors, a ruggedized chassis and low-power or high performance processors, our systems can withstand battlefield conditions and can also integrate the most advanced technologies available.

Key Benefits of Using a Panel PC or HMI

  • Seamless Integration & Enhanced Efficiency

Panel PCs and HMIs are easily integrated within existing control systems, giving personnel the ability to quickly and easily update information. Combining functionality and adaptability, such systems empower professionals to manage operations, amass data, and engage in dynamic human-machine interplay, improving efficiency and productivity.

  • Rugged & Durable

Panel PCs are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of harsh industrial environments. They are built to operate in extreme temperatures and can be subjected to vibration, dust, moisture, and other contaminants without having their performance affected. As such, they’re perfect for use in rugged production facilities where traditional PCs may not be able to survive the conditions.

  • High Brightness for Readability

Heightened screen brightness ensures that operators can seamlessly navigate information interfaces, going beyond ambient lighting constraints. This offers invaluable advantages across a range of sectors from medical and industrial through to agriculture, logistics, transportation, and even in outdoor retail spaces. Vital decisions can be made accurately and efficiently.

  • Customisation

Many Panel PCs and HMIs can be fully customised to your exact specifications with your choice of processor, memory, storage, peripheral cards and operating system. Customise your solution further with optional PCAP, surface acoustic wave (SAW) or infrared (IR) touchscreens. For demanding applications fanless operation and IP65, IP 66 or IP69K ingress protection is also available.

Choosing The Right Panel PC for Your Application

At Assured Systems, we offer a wide range of Panel PCs, all of which can be configured to meet your exact project requirements. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians can also help you select the right system for your application.

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