Unleash the Power of Deep Learning with Neousys Technology’s PCIe-NX156U3

In this article:

  1. Introduction
  2. An Easy Way To Integrate AI Power In To An x86 Server or Edge System.
  3. Unparalleled Performance and Enhanced Specifications
  4. Benefits and Advantages of the PCIe-NX156U3
  5. Exploring the Main Benefits of 100 TOPS in Computing
  6. Suitable Applications
  7. Summary


In this article, we will delve into the remarkable features and specifications of the Neousys Technology PCIe-NX156U3, a cutting-edge Frame Grabber and Expansion Card designed to cater to the growing demand for high-performance computing and advanced data processing.

As a leading provider of rugged embedded systems, Neousys Technology brings forth a solution that offers exceptional benefits and impressive capabilities.

We will explore the number of TOPS, CUDA cores, Tensor Cores, and NVDLA engines integrated into this expansion card, highlighting the advantages of each component. Moreover, we will discuss the diverse range of applications that can leverage the power of the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 to achieve ground-breaking results in their respective fields.

An Easy Way To Integrate AI Power In To An x86 Server or Edge System.

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 is a PCIe expansion card designed to integrate AI capabilities into x86-based servers and edge systems.

To install the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 card into an x86 computer, just slot it into an available PCIe slot on the motherboard. Most computers, especially servers, have multiple PCIe slots for expansion cards. Simply open your computer’s case, locate an available PCIe slot, and align the Neousys card’s connector with the slot. Gently push the card into the slot until it is firmly seated. Secure the card using the mounting screw(s) provided with your computer.

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 card leverages specialised hardware, such as an AI accelerator chip or a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), to accelerate AI computations. It offloads the AI inference workload from the host CPU, allowing for faster and more efficient AI processing. The card is designed to handle the intense computational requirements of AI workloads, enabling high-performance inference capabilities.

The card communicates with the host computer through the PCIe interface, which provides high-speed data transfer between the card and the CPU. The Neousys card’s drivers and libraries interface with the AI frameworks, enabling seamless integration and execution of AI models.

By integrating the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 card into a server or edge system, you can significantly enhance the AI capabilities of the system. It enables faster and more efficient AI inference, making it suitable for various applications such as image recognition, natural language processing, and data analysis.

Unparalleled Performance and Enhanced Specifications

The Neousys Technology PCIe-NX156U3 sets new benchmarks with its outstanding specifications, delivering unmatched performance for even the most demanding computing tasks. With its robust NVIDIA GPU, this expansion card unlocks exceptional processing capabilities, enabling accelerated computations and seamless execution of data-intensive applications.

Number of TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second)

The PCIe-NX156U3 expansion card proudly showcases an impressive 100 TOPS (trillions of operations per second) of AI Performance. This remarkable TOPS count fuels accelerated processing and efficient execution of complex algorithms, making it the ideal choice for applications in the realms of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics.

CUDA Cores

The PCIe-NX156U3 is equipped with a ground-breaking 1024 CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) cores, which are parallel processors embedded within the NVIDIA GPU. These powerful cores excel at handling computationally intensive tasks, enabling massive parallel processing and facilitating faster execution of complex calculations. With its significant number of CUDA cores, the PCIe-NX156U3 revolutionises performance, making it an invaluable asset in scientific research, deep learning, and simulation-based applications.

Tensor Cores

The cutting-edge PCIe-NX156U3 is equipped with 32 Tensor Cores, a key feature that amplifies its performance and broadens its capabilities. Tensor Cores are specialised units engineered to accelerate matrix operations and facilitate mixed-precision calculations. This remarkable attribute proves to be exceptionally advantageous in deep learning applications, where crucial tasks like neural network training and inference heavily rely on efficient matrix operations. Harness the power of 32 Tensor Cores with the PCIe-NX156U3 and unlock unprecedented performance for your deep learning endeavours.

NVDLA (NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator) Engines

The cutting-edge PCIe-NX156U3 takes performance to new heights with its incorporation of 2 NVDLA (NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator) engines. These dedicated hardware acceleration platforms are designed to optimise deep learning inference, offloading computation-intensive tasks and resulting in faster and more efficient processing.

With the inclusion of NVDLA engines, the PCIe-NX156U3 becomes the ideal choice for real-time deep learning inference applications, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, and computer vision systems.

USB 3.2 Gen1 and Gen2 Ports

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 comes equipped with two USB 3.2 Gen2 ports and four USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, offering exceptional high-speed data transfer capabilities. The USB 3.2 Gen2 ports enable a blazing-fast maximum data transfer rate of 10 Gbps, while the USB 3.2 Gen1 ports provide speeds of up to 5 Gbps. These speeds surpass the previous generation USB interfaces, enabling seamless and efficient data exchange between connected devices.

The high-speed data transfer capability of the USB 3.2 Gen2 ports proves especially advantageous in applications involving large file transfers, such as video editing, data backup, and real-time data acquisition. Users can now transfer data quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and significantly enhancing productivity.

Moreover, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3‘s USB ports offer an impressive current capacity of up to 1500mA. This ample current capability is crucial for USB camera connectivity, as cameras often demand higher power for optimal operation and functionality. By providing sufficient current, the PCIe-NX156U3 ensures stable and reliable connections with USB cameras, eliminating the risk of power-related issues and optimizing camera performance.

Experience the power of high-speed data transfer and reliable USB camera connectivity with the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3. Its advanced USB ports redefine connectivity, opening up new possibilities for efficient data exchange and seamless device integration.

Benefits and Advantages of the PCIe-NX156U3

The Neousys Technology PCIe-NX156U3 offers a range of benefits that contribute to its exceptional performance and versatility in various applications.

Enhanced Processing Power

The PCIe-NX156U3 stands out with its powerful GPU and an impressive number of CUDA cores, Tensor Cores, and NVDLA engines. This exceptional combination empowers the expansion card to handle complex computations and data processing tasks with unparalleled speed and efficiency. Harnessing this enhanced processing power, the PCIe-NX156U3 accelerates application performance, slashes processing time, and elevates overall productivity.

Enhanced Connectivity

The PCIe-NX156U3 revolutionises connectivity with its USB ports, offering users the ability to connect a wide range of USB devices. From cameras and storage devices to input devices and more, the USB ports on the PCIe-NX156U3 open up a world of possibilities. This versatility allows users to create a comprehensive and interconnected system, consolidating multiple devices into a single, streamlined platform.

High-Speed Data Transfer

The PCIe-NX156U3 harnesses the power of the PCIe interface, establishing a high-speed connection between the expansion card and the host computer. This seamless integration with other expansion modules and peripherals ensures fast data transfer and minimises latency. The PCIe interface’s high-speed data transfer capability is essential for applications that demand real-time data processing, including video analytics, AI inference, and high-performance computing.

Furthermore, the PCIe-NX156U3 features USB 3.2 Gen2 and Gen1 ports, enabling swift and efficient data transfer between connected devices. This high-speed data transfer capability is indispensable for applications that rely on quick and reliable data exchange, such as video streaming, real-time monitoring, and data-intensive tasks.

Unlock the potential of high-speed connectivity with the PCIe-NX156U3, empowering you to achieve new levels of efficiency and performance in your data-intensive applications.

Versatility and Customisation

The PCIe-NX156U3 brings remarkable flexibility and expandability to the table with its three PCIe expansion slots. These versatile slots support various form factors, empowering users to integrate a diverse array of expansion modules. Whether it’s graphics cards, storage devices, or high-speed network adapters, the PCIe-NX156U3 accommodates them all. This unparalleled versatility allows users to customise their system configurations to meet specific requirements with ease.

Simplified Integration

The USB ports on the PCIe-NX156U3 streamline the integration of USB peripherals and expansion modules into your system. With a wide range of USB devices available in the market, the compatibility of the PCIe-NX156U3 empowers users to choose from an extensive selection of peripherals that precisely meet their specific requirements. This effortless integration not only simplifies the setup process but also enhances system flexibility and scalability.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

The advanced USB ports integrated into the PCIe-NX156U3 drive increased productivity and efficiency across various applications. The high-speed data transfer capability revolutionises file transfers, significantly reducing wait times and expediting data processing. With lightning-fast data transfer, tasks are accomplished swiftly, empowering users to make the most of their valuable time.

Moreover, the PCIe-NX156U3 ensures reliable connectivity with USB cameras, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation. Say goodbye to connection issues and focus on the task at hand with confidence. This seamless and reliable camera connectivity simplifies workflows, enabling users to concentrate on their work without disruptions.

Experience heightened productivity and uninterrupted operations with the advanced USB ports of the PCIe-NX156U3. Embrace the power of high-speed data transfers and dependable camera connectivity, transforming your workflow into a seamless and efficient experience.

Rugged Design and Reliability

Neousys Technology has gained worldwide recognition for its rugged embedded systems, and the PCIe-NX156U3 proudly upholds this esteemed reputation. Engineered with a robust and reliable build, this expansion card is equipped with an aluminium heat sink and a smart fan, enabling efficient heat dissipation and ensuring optimal performance even in the most demanding environments.

Furthermore, the PCIe-NX156U3 boasts wide temperature range support, making it exceptionally well-suited for industrial applications where durability and stability are paramount. It thrives in challenging conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation and reliable performance when it matters most.

Exploring the Main Benefits of 100 TOPS in Computing

The stand-out feature of the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 is its number of TOPS.

In the ever-evolving landscape of computing, performance and efficiency are key factors that drive technological advancements. The rise of high-performance computing has opened doors to new possibilities, and one crucial metric that has garnered significant attention is TOPS (Trillion Operations Per Second).

Enhanced Computational Power

One of the primary benefits of a 100 TOPS computing system is the exponential increase in computational power. With the ability to process trillions of operations per second, complex calculations and simulations that once took hours or days can now be completed in minutes or even seconds. This enhanced computational power empowers researchers, scientists, and engineers to tackle more extensive and intricate problems, leading to faster innovation and discovery.

Accelerated Artificial Intelligence

In the era of AI, having a computing system capable of 100 TOPS brings remarkable advantages. AI algorithms, such as deep learning, rely on vast amounts of data and complex computations. A 100 TOPS system significantly accelerates the training and inference processes, allowing AI models to be developed and deployed at a much faster pace. From autonomous vehicles to natural language processing and computer vision, AI applications can benefit from the unparalleled speed and efficiency offered by such computing capabilities.

Real-Time Data Analysis

Real-time data analysis has become a critical requirement across various industries. With a 100 TOPS computing system, organisations can process massive data streams in real-time, extracting valuable insights and making prompt data-driven decisions. Whether it’s analysing financial market data, monitoring complex industrial processes, or optimising supply chain operations, the ability to handle data-intensive tasks with minimal latency opens up avenues for enhanced operational efficiency and strategic decision-making.

Scientific Simulations and Research

Scientific research often demands extensive simulations and complex modelling. From climate modelling to molecular dynamics and astrophysics, a 100 TOPS computing system empowers scientists and researchers to perform large-scale simulations with greater accuracy and speed. This capability enables them to gain deeper insights into intricate phenomena, contributing to advancements in fields such as medicine, materials science, and environmental studies. Additionally, faster simulations and analysis expedite the pace of scientific discovery and innovation.

Improved Productivity and Time-to-Market

For industries relying on complex simulations and data-intensive tasks, a 100 TOPS computing system significantly reduces the time required to complete critical workflows. The accelerated processing power allows companies to enhance productivity, iterate on designs faster, and bring products to market swiftly. In industries such as automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, where time-to-market is a crucial factor, the speed offered by a 100 TOPS system provides a competitive edge and drives business growth.

Suitable Applications

The Neousys Technology PCIe-NX156U3 is a game-changer in industries that require high-performance computing and advanced data processing capabilities. Let’s delve into some of the sectors that can harness the full potential of this powerful expansion card:

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The PCIe-NX156U3 is an excellent choice for AI and machine learning applications. Its high TOPS count, significant number of CUDA cores, and Tensor Cores enable fast training and inference of deep learning models. This makes it suitable for tasks such as natural language processing, image recognition, and speech synthesis. Industries ranging from healthcare to finance, and from autonomous systems to robotics can leverage the power of the PCIe-NX156U3 to drive innovation and achieve efficient AI-driven solutions.

      1.1 Unleashing Computing Power:

AI and ML algorithms require substantial computational resources, emphasizing the need for efficient hardware solutions. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 integrates a powerful GPU, delivering significant computational power to expedite AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML  (Machine Learning) workloads. Its PCIe Gen3 x16 interface facilitates seamless data transfer between the GPU and the host system, reducing latency and maximising performance. By leveraging the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, you can ensure efficient utilisation of computational resources for AI and ML tasks.

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 supports leading GPU technologies, such as NVIDIA® CUDA® and cuDNN, providing compatibility with popular AI and ML frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into existing AI and ML workflows without extensive modifications, enabling users to leverage the power of the card effectively.

      1.2. Deep Learning Acceleration:

Deep learning, a crucial subset of ML, heavily relies on substantial computing power to handle intricate neural network models. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, featuring a cutting-edge GPU, functions as a specialised deep learning accelerator. By offloading computationally intensive tasks to the GPU, it dramatically expedites the training and inference processes, enabling swifter model development and deployment.

Benefiting from its extensive GPU memory capacity, the card enables training larger models and processing larger datasets—an essential component for achieving state-of-the-art outcomes across diverse domains, including computer vision, natural language processing, and speech recognition. This capability proves especially valuable when tackling large-scale datasets or intricate models that demand ample memory resources. Leverage the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 to unlock the full potential of deep learning and propel your AI projects to new heights of performance and accuracy.

      1.3. Real-time Inference and Edge Computing:

Real-time inference is paramount in AI and ML applications, particularly in time-sensitive decision-making scenarios. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 capitalises on its GPU’s parallel processing capabilities to facilitate real-time inferencing. By deploying trained models directly on the card, it diminishes reliance on the host system, resulting in minimal latency and swift responses.

Furthermore, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s compact and rugged design renders it ideal for edge computing applications. Edge computing involves processing data in close proximity to its source, thereby reducing the necessity for data transmission to centralized cloud servers. By deploying AI and ML models at the edge, this card enables expedited decision-making, while simultaneously bolstering privacy and security by minimizing data transfer.

      1.4. Scalability and Flexibility:

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 presents unmatched scalability and flexibility, empowering users to expand their AI and ML capabilities in line with evolving requirements. With support for multiple configurations, it allows the installation of multiple cards within a single system. This scalability enables parallel processing, distributed computing, and efficient handling of larger workloads.

Furthermore, it boasts broad compatibility with various operating systems, including popular choices like Windows and Linux. This wide-ranging compatibility ensures seamless integration of the card into existing environments, providing users with the freedom to leverage their preferred software stack and development tools without any constraints.

2. Scientific Research and Data Analytics

In scientific research and data analytics, where massive datasets and complex calculations are involved, the PCIe-NX156U3‘s processing power and efficient data-handling capabilities shine. It accelerates simulations, accelerates genomic analysis, and enhances data visualisation, empowering researchers to make discoveries faster and gain deeper insights from their data.

The PCIe-NX156U3‘s powerful GPU and accelerated processing capabilities make it an excellent choice for video analytics and surveillance applications. By leveraging its high-speed data transfer and robust computing power, the expansion card can handle real-time video processing, object recognition, and intelligent analytics. This enables enhanced video surveillance, smarter video content analysis, and improved security in applications such as smart cities, transportation, and public safety.

       2.1. High-Performance Computing Power:

Scientific research and data analytics frequently involve computationally demanding tasks that necessitate substantial computing power. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 seamlessly integrates a high-performance GPU, delivering significant computational capabilities to tackle intricate scientific simulations and data analytics workflows. Its PCIe Gen3 x16 interface facilitates smooth data transfer between the GPU and the host system, minimising latency and optimising processing efficiency.

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 provides support for leading GPU technologies, including NVIDIA® CUDA® and cuDNN, ensuring compatibility with popular scientific computing and data analytics frameworks like MATLAB, R, and Python. This compatibility guarantees effortless integration into existing research workflows, allowing researchers to harness the card’s full potential without extensive modifications.

      2.2. Accelerated Scientific Simulations:

Scientific research often involves running intricate simulations that require substantial computational resources. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, equipped with a high-end GPU, acts as a dedicated accelerator for scientific simulations. By offloading computationally intensive tasks to the GPU, it significantly speeds up simulation execution, allowing researchers to explore complex phenomena in less time.

The card’s large GPU memory capacity enables researchers to handle larger datasets and run simulations with higher resolution and accuracy. This capability is particularly valuable in domains such as computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, and astrophysics, where large-scale simulations are essential for understanding complex systems. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 empowers researchers to tackle more significant challenges and gain deeper insights by providing the necessary computational resources.

      2.3. Advanced Data Analytics:

Data analytics plays a crucial role in extracting meaningful insights from vast amounts of data. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 maximises data analytics by harnessing its powerful GPU capabilities. Researchers can utilise the card’s parallel processing capabilities to expedite data pre-processing, statistical analysis, machine learning algorithms, and visualisation tasks.

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s extensive GPU memory capacity empowers researchers to efficiently process and analyse massive datasets. This capability proves invaluable in fields like genomics, neuroscience, and climate science, where analysing large-scale datasets is essential for comprehending intricate patterns and correlations.

Additionally, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 seamlessly supports popular data analytics frameworks like Apache Spark and TensorFlow, providing researchers with the convenience of leveraging their preferred tools and libraries. The card’s compatibility with leading data analytics software allows researchers to tackle advanced analytics tasks, including deep learning-based anomaly detection, predictive modelling, and pattern recognition.

      2.4. Scalability and Flexibility:

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 provides exceptional scalability and flexibility, making it an ideal choice for various scientific research and data analytics environments. With support for multiple configurations, researchers can install multiple cards within a single system, unlocking increased computational power, parallel processing, and distributed computing capabilities. This scalability empowers researchers to tackle larger and more complex research tasks with ease.

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows and Linux, ensuring researchers have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate the card into their existing environments. This compatibility allows for effortless incorporation of the card into research setups, enabling researchers to leverage its powerful capabilities across different operating systems.

3.Video Analytics and Surveillance

Video analytics and surveillance have become critical components in ensuring safety and security across various industries. To meet the growing demand for advanced video processing and analysis, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 emerges as a game-changing solution. This article explores how the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 empowers organisations with its cutting-edge capabilities, allowing them to enhance video analytics and surveillance systems. From real-time object detection and tracking to intelligent video content analysis, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 offers unparalleled performance, scalability, and flexibility.

      3.1. Unleashing Real-Time Object Detection and Tracking:

In video analytics and surveillance, real-time object detection and tracking play a crucial role in identifying potential threats and suspicious activities. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, equipped with its powerful GPU capabilities, enables organisations to achieve lightning-fast object detection and tracking. Leveraging advanced deep learning algorithms, the card can process video streams with remarkable efficiency. It can detect and track objects accurately, even in challenging environments or crowded scenes. This capability proves invaluable in scenarios such as perimeter security, crowd management, and traffic monitoring, where swift and precise object detection and tracking are paramount.

      3.2. Empowering Intelligent Video Content Analysis:

Intelligent video content analysis is a key component in modern surveillance systems, enabling organisations to extract valuable insights from video footage. With the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, organisations can elevate their video content analysis capabilities to new heights. The card’s powerful GPU processing capabilities enable advanced analytics tasks, such as facial recognition, behaviour analysis, and anomaly detection. By harnessing deep learning algorithms, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 can identify specific objects, recognise faces, detect abnormal behaviours, and trigger alerts in real-time. This empowers organisations to proactively respond to security threats, prevent incidents, and streamline surveillance operations.

      3.3. Achieving Scalability and Flexibility:

Scalability and flexibility are crucial considerations when implementing video analytics and surveillance systems. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 offers unparalleled scalability, allowing organisations to handle growing volumes of video data. By installing multiple cards in a single system, organisations can achieve higher computational power, parallel processing, and distributed computing. This enables them to handle larger and more complex video analytics tasks effectively. Additionally, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 supports various video analytics software and frameworks, providing organisations with the flexibility to integrate it into their existing environments seamlessly. Whether it’s integrating with existing surveillance systems or deploying it in new setups, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 ensures compatibility and ease of integration.

     3.4. Enhancing Storage and Bandwidth Efficiency:

Efficient storage and bandwidth management are vital for video analytics and surveillance systems dealing with vast amounts of video data. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 addresses this challenge with its large GPU memory capacity and advanced data processing capabilities. By leveraging the card’s powerful GPU, organizations can pre-process and compress video data in real-time, reducing storage requirements and optimising bandwidth utilization. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s high-performance capabilities enable efficient storage and transmission of video data, ensuring smooth operations and minimising infrastructure costs.

      3.5. Enabling Seamless Integration and Compatibility:

Integration and compatibility are key factors when selecting video analytics and surveillance solutions. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 supports popular video analytics software and frameworks, including OpenCV, TensorFlow, and Caffe. This compatibility allows organisations to leverage their preferred tools and libraries seamlessly.

4. Industrial Automation and Robotics

Industrial automation and robotics have revolutionised manufacturing processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 emerges as a game-changing solution, empowering organisations to leverage its cutting-edge capabilities in the field of industrial automation and robotics.

      4.1. Real-Time Monitoring and Control:

Real-time monitoring and control are critical components in industrial automation systems. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, equipped with its powerful GPU capabilities, enables organisations to achieve lightning-fast data processing and control. By leveraging the card’s parallel processing capabilities, organisations can perform complex control algorithms and real-time feedback loops with remarkable efficiency. This allows for precise and timely control of industrial processes, enhancing productivity and ensuring high-quality output. Whether it’s motion control, robotics, or complex control systems, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 empowers organisations to achieve real-time monitoring and control with unparalleled performance.

      4.2. Advanced Machine Vision Capabilities:

Machine vision plays a crucial role in industrial automation and robotics, enabling tasks such as object recognition, quality inspection, and visual guidance. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 serves as a powerful tool in this domain, offering advanced machine vision capabilities. Equipped with its powerful GPU processing capabilities, the card accelerates image processing tasks, enabling faster and more accurate analysis. With support for popular machine vision libraries such as OpenCV and Halcon, organisations can seamlessly integrate the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 into their existing vision systems. This empowers organisations to achieve higher accuracy, faster processing speeds, and improved quality control, resulting in optimised production processes.

      4.3. Seamless Integration and Compatibility:

Seamless integration and compatibility are crucial factors when implementing automation and robotics solutions. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 ensures compatibility by supporting various operating systems, including Windows and Linux. This allows organisations to integrate the card into their existing environments without disruptions. Furthermore, the card supports popular automation and robotics frameworks, such as ROS (Robot Operating System), providing a seamless development and integration experience. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s compatibility and integration capabilities enable organisations to leverage their preferred tools and libraries, optimising the performance and efficiency of their automation and robotics systems.

      4.4. Enhanced Performance and Acceleration:

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 delivers exceptional performance and acceleration capabilities, enabling organisations to tackle demanding automation and robotics tasks. Equipped with its powerful GPU, the card accelerates compute-intensive algorithms, significantly reducing processing times. This allows for faster and more efficient automation processes, leading to improved productivity and reduced cycle times. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s high-performance capabilities also enable organizations to handle complex tasks, such as path planning, trajectory generation, and collision avoidance, with ease. By offloading compute-intensive tasks to the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, organisations can unlock the full potential of their automation and robotics systems, achieving higher throughput and performance.

      4.5. Scalability and Flexibility:

Scalability and flexibility are crucial in industrial automation and robotics systems, as they need to adapt to changing requirements and accommodate future growth. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 offers exceptional scalability by allowing multiple cards to be installed within a single system.

5. High-Performance Computing

High-Performance Computing (HPC) has become a driving force behind breakthroughs in various industries, ranging from scientific research to artificial intelligence. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 emerges as a revolutionary solution, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of HPC. This article delves into how the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 enhances HPC capabilities, delivering exceptional performance, scalability, and flexibility. From complex simulations and data-intensive computations to machine learning and deep learning applications, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 opens up new horizons for organisations seeking to leverage HPC for unprecedented advancements.

      5.1. Unprecedented Compute Power and Accelerated Performance:

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, armed with its powerful GPU capabilities, unlocks unprecedented compute power for HPC workloads. By harnessing the card’s parallel processing capabilities, organisations can achieve remarkable acceleration in complex computations and simulations. Whether it’s molecular dynamics, weather forecasting, or computational fluid dynamics, the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s high-performance computing capabilities enable faster results, saving time and driving scientific discoveries. Furthermore, the card’s large GPU memory capacity ensures efficient handling of massive datasets, optimising performance and reducing processing times.

      5.2. Seamless Integration and Compatibility:

The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 seamlessly integrates into existing HPC ecosystems, supporting popular frameworks and libraries such as CUDA, OpenCL, and MPI. This compatibility allows organisations to leverage their preferred tools and optimize their existing code for maximum performance. Additionally, the card supports a wide range of operating systems, including Windows and Linux, providing flexibility and compatibility with diverse HPC environments. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3’s seamless integration and compatibility streamline the adoption process, enabling organisations to harness its powerful capabilities without disrupting their existing workflows.

      5.3. Scalability for Complex Workloads:

Scalability is a crucial factor in HPC, especially when dealing with large-scale simulations and data-intensive computations. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 offers exceptional scalability, allowing organizations to scale up their compute power by installing multiple cards within a single system. This scalability empowers researchers and scientists to tackle increasingly complex workloads, handle larger datasets, and explore more comprehensive simulations. With the Neousys PCIe-NX156U3, organisations can achieve higher parallel processing, distributed computing, and increased computational power, taking their HPC capabilities to unprecedented levels.

     5.4. Enabling Machine Learning and Deep Learning:

Machine learning and deep learning have revolutionised numerous fields, from healthcare to finance. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 serves as a powerful tool for organisations venturing into these domains. Equipped with its advanced GPU capabilities, the card accelerates training and inference processes, enabling faster iterations and improved model accuracy. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 supports popular machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Caffe, ensuring compatibility and ease of integration. With the card’s processing power and memory capacity, organisations can train complex neural networks, perform large-scale data analytics, and unlock the potential of artificial intelligence.

     5.5. Enhanced Data Management and Storage Efficiency:

Efficient data management and storage are paramount in HPC environments, where massive datasets are generated and processed. The Neousys PCIe-NX156U3 addresses this challenge with its high GPU memory capacity and advanced data processing capabilities. The card allows for real-time data pre-processing, compression, and efficient storage, reducing storage requirements and optimising bandwidth utilisation.



The Neousys Technology PCIe-NX156U3 is a powerful expansion card that brings exceptional performance and accelerated processing capabilities to industries that demand high-performance computing and advanced data processing. With its impressive specifications, including a high number of TOPS, CUDA cores, Tensor Cores, and NVDLA engines, the PCIe-NX156U3 unlocks new possibilities in applications such as AI, scientific research, video analytics, high-performance computing, and industrial automation.

The Neousys Technology PCIe-NX156U3 USB ports bring significant advantages to the table. With USB 3.2 Gen2 and Gen1 ports, the card offers high-speed data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps and 5 Gbps, respectively. Additionally, the ample current capacity of the USB ports ensures stable connectivity for USB cameras, making it ideal for machine vision, surveillance systems, and scientific imaging applications.

The USB ports on the PCIe-NX156U3 expand connectivity options, simplify integration, and enhance productivity and efficiency. Whether it’s high-speed data transfer, reliable USB camera connectivity, or versatile device integration, the PCIe-NX156U3‘s USB ports provide the necessary features to meet the demands of diverse applications.

Its benefits, including enhanced processing power, high-speed data transfer, versatility, and rugged design, make it a reliable solution for organisations aiming to drive innovation, improve productivity, and achieve success in their respective fields.

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