Winmate LDS410D-16P 19″ 1U Console Drawer with 1280×2014 Resolution and 16 VGA Ports


  • 19″, 1280 x 1024
  • VGA input, keyboard, mouse
  • Console mount


Space-Saving 1U Rack Mount Console Drawer

The space-saving design of the 1U Console Drawer allows you to quickly rack mount flat-screen monitors directly at 19-inch server racks, cabinets, room controls, security monitoring, and other industrial solutions. Provides ease of access to servers, making software upgrades, troubleshooting, and system monitoring convenient and less time-consuming.

All Modularized KVM Design

With a full range of KVM integration and keyboard options, our modular LCD console drawers are the perfect solution for any industrial and commercial application. The KVM incorporates only a single set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse; it saves space, cuts cost, and increases the efficiency of work done. Along with the ease of control, the 1U Console Drawers save time and adds valuable flexibility to the whole system.

Intuitive Operations with the Touchscreen

Easy to connect to your equipment, this option is ideal for racks and consoles requiring touch screen capability. Convenient on-screen user control for the efficiency of the operator.

Suitable for Server Room Applications

With a pull-out drawer design, metal housing provides perfect protection from shock and drop. Convenient for portable outdoor, or applied in rack mount because of space-saving and durable design.


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Screen Size 11" to 20", 19"
Brightness 250nit, Standard

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