Product News: Internet Protocol Television Platform for Multi-Screen Applications

The Assured Systems platform for IPTV is a simple end to end solution for delivery of digital video over an Internet Protocol network to TV’s and PC’s. IPTV systems have a number of benefits over traditional TV delivery systems including; ease of setup, operation, usage of existing cabling or IT infrastructure and when required displays can be added to allow for a fully scalable system that grows with your business needs. The Assured solution allows for live TV and other devices such as Sky TV, Cameras and DVD players to be broadcast simultaneously over the IP network to an unlimited number of viewers on large format TV’s, PC’s and laptops.Our encoders and streamers prepare incoming content and channels for onward distribution to end systems (via management) which present your desired content. The IPTV management products allow for maintenance, screen control, channel updates and overall operation. The system also features software with an inbuilt messaging and content system for branded TV channels, messaging, alerts, ticker tapes, social media feeds, weather and for the integration of digital signage content. Intelligent receivers allow the user to customize the look of the incoming TV content. By handling the video and graphics layer separately templates can be created that allow the simple insertion of a company logo, text message, or ticker tape (including RSS feeds) overlaid on the live video. These messages can be triggered independently from a separate paging application or via a web connection or iPad application. Messages can be sent to any or all receivers. The triggers could be taken from fire alarm systems, video conference for CEO broadcast , breaking news or other designated alert channels.

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