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The IoT is an inevitable integration, well on the way to bringing humans and machinery closer together than ever before. The sooner you integrate, the sooner the benefits become apparent, including intelligent manufacturing processes, data acquisition from intelligent networks of devices and smart M2M networks.

All the major players have their eyes goggling at the opportunity at hand, Apple launched its HomeKit app for all of its mobile devices whilst Google recently acquired Learning Thermostat-maker Nest Labs (for a pricey $3.2billion), Samsung also followed suit purchasing SmartThings- the maker of a hub that can control and coordinate devices from various manufacturers. At the huge CES exhibition this year the IoT dominated with a host of manufacturers leading the way into the future of our evermore connected world. 

The industrial IoT (IIoT) is much more advanced than the commercial IoT due to the prevalence of connected sensors- billions of sensors including pressure, level, flow, temperature, vibration, acoustic, position, analytical are installed and operated throughout the industrial sector. Interpreting this data is extremely cheap and the value that they add is beyond any seen before allowing users to see stats and analysis that 20 years ago- simply weren’t even a question and turning this into actionable data. It is especially for the IIoT performance and efficiency improving with personnel taking corrective action when necessary.

But a key perspective is of that from the IIoT user with extensive examples indicating an ROI within 6 months. A vital indication of the kind of impact and level at which the IoT can be integrated is that of Raytheon Missile Systems in the home of the Grand Canyon- Arizona or more specifically Tucson, Arizona where there IoT make-over has been a 5-year process, but they haven’t gone for a few sensors- more so a complete overhaul.

Including an Immersive Design Center allowing thermal, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineers a 360 degree space to work with senior assemblers and testers from the factory floor. They have also created a Fusion Factory where robotic elements reduce test time and collaborate with workers on set tasks- all connected and integrated into a manageable, systematic, efficient network. Work stations are automated as well as AGVs (automated guided vehicles) to move with the workers requirements for ergonomic functionality, in one of the most complete IoT integrations we’ve ever seen!

Wireless routers hanging from the buildings ceilings provide communication with the AGVs that are programmed to stop automatically should any object become an obstacle. The centerpiece of the Immersive Design Center is a 3D simulated CAVE to produce 3D missile and factory layouts including Oculus Rift virtual reality to maximize the current available technology and translate its wider applications into a manufacturing/design process.

The Arizona based factory produces Raytheon Missiles such as an Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle, patrolling through space to track and attack enemy missiles produced in their “Space Factory”- it sounds incredible with a stupendous list of embedded computers, communication servers and data acquisition units culminating in this quite incredible application of the IoT.

If you’re looking to integrate the IoT into your working field or would like more information to what it could do for you, we have offices in the UK and in Greenville, South Carolina providing global support with our wealth of knowledge in the embedded industrial field so whether you’re looking for automation, intelligent machines or just an hardware and/or software update Assured Systems have the solution.

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