NVIDIA JetPack 4.5: New Security Features and Computer Vision Library

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  1. NVIDIA JetPack 4.5: New Security Features and Computer Vision Library

NVIDIA JetPack 4.5: New Security Features and Computer Vision Library

Learn all about the new and impressive NVIDIA Jetpack 4.5 Software Development Kit with new features and increased performance.

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Chip manufacturer NVIDIA has revised its comprehensive JetPack software development kit (SDK) and launched the new version 4.5. The new software development kit (SDK) impresses with new features and increased performance. As per usual it is suited for the whole range of Jetson modules.

NVIDIA is a leader in AI computing platforms. In addition to the clever GPU-accelerated processor technology, NVIDIA provides an operating system which includes a software package, the whole thing is called Jet Pack. Jet Pack is suitable for all Jetson platforms (Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2, Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier). The JetPack Software Development Kit includes a Linux Board Support Package (BSP) and NVIDIA's CUDA-X, as well as examples and documentation to get you started quickly with AI development.

What's new in JetPack 4.5?

The newly launched JetPack 4.5 version integrates NVIDIA's VPI (Vision Programming Interface) for the first time. This is a software library that provides algorithms for computer vision and for image processing.

JetPack 4.5 also includes the L4T 32.5 operating system (Linux for Tegra) with enhanced security features. Among other things, hard disk encryption is supported to protect data while the device is in sleep mode. JetPack 4.5 further offers the ability to update and manage two redundant file systems independently. JetPack 4.5 includes TensorRT 7.1.3 and cuDNN 8.0, and also brings support for DeepStream 5.0.

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