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eBOX Computers

Embedded computer systems have no margin for error. Their integrated operation is what keeps vehicles moving, machines producing, and our technology based world spinning- even if like most, you’re not aware that they’re all around you. Our very latest systems- the eBOX560-300-FL and the eBOX560-880-FL are two of our smallest yet; and their palm-sized footprint makes them ideal for integration into tight spots, whilst their high-specs respectively offer unprecedented functionality for their size.

Remarkably the first use of an embedded system/network was in the Apollo Project in the 1960’s which was integrated into the Apollo Guidance Computer. Following this, it was commercialized to the general market, permitting merchants and manufacturers to use similar technology in electronics and appliances- it is estimated that in an average home there is between 40 and 50 embedded devices. Since the 60’s there has been a drastic emergence in processing abilities and functions as well as their decreasing sizes – opening the realms of possibilities even further- hence the astonishing amount of embedded systems in your home though these are more commonly known as microcontrollers and not embedded PCs. To further the point of just how critical the embedded world of computers really is, there is 63 microprocessors in an S-class Mercedes!

Apollo Guidance Computer

They’re special-purpose built systems which are completely encapsulated by the device they control and so must reflect this embedded nature in their reliability which is one of the main differences between the embedded and personal computer, embedded computers must be tested and retested due to the implications of any malfunctions such as in-vehicle systems or even the guidance of an intercontinental missile (hopefully not the latter). Our systems are tested meticulously at our in-house facilities around the world, whilst our Build Specification Process enables us to guarantee identical systems for your requirements each time you order to make for easy integration into your embedded system.

We are official partners of Microsoft Embedded with access to their entire range of development tools allowing us to support you not only with the hardware but the software, content generation and continued support throughout your project. We also have extensive capacity in Linux and Android so whatever your application/ ideas and however you want to integrate them our highly qualified team will ensure an uncomplicated and unparalleled level of execution.

The transition over 50 years is flabbergasting. It is now an impossible task to escape these hidden little wonders that allow businesses to become closer connected to their machinery and operations than ever before. Here at Assured Systems our embedded services leave nothing to be desired and our latest flurry of products is a perfect indicator of the expansive possibilities we can equip you with.

eBOX560-300-FL: Palm-sized Fanless Quad Core Intel Pentium N3710 Computer

Axiomtek eBOX560-300-FL tiny computer, small computer

The eBOX560-300-FL would be the perfect addition to any network, its epic proportions allow for thoughtless integration. It has an Intel Pentium N3710 processor based upon a 1.6GHz Braswell quad-core SoC, whilst mounting options such as Wall, Din-rail and VESA give you full control over the systems integration.

eBOX560-880-FL: Palm-sized Fanless 5th Gen Intel Core i Computer

compact embedded computers, axiomtek ebox

Alternatively our other ultra-compact offering comes in the form of the eBOX560-880-FL, very similar to the eBOX560-300-FL this system instead uses Intel’s Celeron or the optional Haswell ULT i3/i5 multi-core. This mighty system also supports 2 & 4K images via its HDMI interface whilst its wealth of IOs and communication ports for applications including, gaming, surveillance and retail environments.

eBOX Comparison

These new embedded computers really do epitomize technology’s demand to get smaller and smaller, but in many forms smaller tech has not been for a specific purpose only human desire and aesthetic appeal. However in these high performance systems the scope of potential networks, insights and efficiencies that can be harnessed is hugely beneficial to any organization so whether you’re upgrading old systems or integrating new- let’s talk!

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