Olympic Scale Signage & The Brilliant Giada G330

The Rio Olympics. It has been as farcical as it has been fantastic. The controversy surrounding the games has caused equal arguments from the uproar of the vast spending to put the games on to those who think it is a great opportunity to showcase one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The Olympics is an event of epic scale, and what comes with that epic scale?  Epic opportunity. Brands associating with the games are appealing to worldwide audience that will spiral into the billions, and despite how ironic some of those advertisers maybe when considered with the values of the games, the fundamental factor is of the economic empowerment that the games carry, and, although this is more contested in Rio than in most probably any Olympics that has come before, the IOC is expecting at least 500,000 tourists to flock to the 37 venues.

The Digital Signage Opportunity 

The Olympics therefore carries vast economic influence and when coupled with the 2014 FIFA World Cup of course which sees similar numbers worldwide and locally- it’s been an encouraging decade for Brazil’s outward appeal amid internal political turmoil.

Digital signage has unsurprisingly rocketed in the South American giant since 2014 as the attention turns to turning heads. The digital signage invasion is not just for the advertisers though, many of the displays will be used to broadcast live TV coverage of the games alongside the advertising. The key note here is that this really emphasizes the versatility digital signage offers to capture tourists and locals alike, but also the versatility of the signage also means that it can be deployed in completely different ways- be it for a menu-board, wayfinding, self-service, information or interactive touchscreens.

The interoperability of signage has meant that despite the 37 venues spread sporadically across the carnival capital, advertisers have no trouble in capturing their audience at every point, and the real point is; it’s easier than ever before with reliable and effective network management, here at Assured, we have an armoury of products and solutions ready to maximize your ROI on digital signage and ensure you attain the success that awaits.

The blossoming success of the signage industry inevitably leads to advancements as we’ve seen with stunning all-in-one displays, stretched displays and even transparent displays. But to power those displays requires fast reliable, compact network solutions that our latest product- the Giada G330– epitomizes. It is an industry leading digital signage PC that supports up-to 6 display video output running independently with UHD compatibility at 60Hz. Ensuring your network is reliable, simple and versatile is key to enforcing a successful signage strategy and the Giada G330 is a stand-out product for such purposes.

Giada G330

Performance derives from the 6th Generation Intel Core i7/i5/i3 (Skylake-S) CPU and is built for complex and demanding digital signage applications and takes over as Giada’s flagship PC. Windows and Linux are both supported with onboard memory of 16GB. It is the connectivity of the G330 that really elevates its position, the option to run 6 independent displays on this cost effective unit is hugely enticing, as well as the 6 USB ports of 3.0, and 2.0 variety, you have the choice of running an optimal 4 x 4K displays or 6 x Full HD to produce massively impacting displays. The G330is compact and rugged with a metal housing available to be rack, desktop or wall mounted for maximum ease of installation.    

The G330 is one of many of our products that enable, time, power and maintenance savings in the digital signage sectors, and for its price point and performance is a fantastic solution to become apart or be your signage network. Further Olympic signage exploits include the unveiling of the Australian flag bearer where authorities utilized digital signage in revealing Anna Meares, the linguistic diversity of signage is a factor not often mentioned but does work especially well in Olympic terms, but it goes even further just as the signage is about spreading the word, spreading a name, the functional usages are just as wide-ranging as those of the marketing context where athlete facing signage provides instantaneous updates not just in the venues but around the world in the same way that many of our monitors are integrated into factory’s and industrial environments for informative/analysis purposes.

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