New 3D NAND Data Saving Technology for Memory Storage

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  1. New 3D NAND Data Saving Technology for Memory Storage

New 3D NAND Data Saving Technology for Memory Storage

3D NAND has now taken storage density to the next level. Improving capacity, performance and even reducing the cost of SSDs.

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Solid State Drives use flash memory, a series of floating gate transistors (signalling on and off as 1 and 0) or memory cells. These cells are set on a die 2 dimensionally, side-by-side as memory blocks. As developments in cell technology have happened, we’ve been able to fit more and more memory blocks onto a single die, giving more capacity.

This Single Level Cell (SLC) method has one bit per cell which allows for higher speeds, but cells can be divided up into multiple levels of charge. 4 levels of charge for 2 bits of data per cell is known as a Multi Level Cell (MLC) and 8 levels of charge for 3 bits of data per cell is a Triple Level Cell (TLC). Adding more layers increases the capacity of storage but decreases the speed as the different levels of charge need to be differentiated. All of these cell types however, remain on a 2 dimensional flat plane.

3D NAND has now taken storage density to the next level. By cutting memory cells into multiple layers on the silicon of a memory chip, cells can be stacked in 32 layers. That includes MLC and TLC cells, so memory cells can be stacked 32 levels deep for up to 256 gigabit MLC dies, and 384 gigabit TLC dies. This advancement has had 3 big effects on storage

  • Memory becomes cheaper as 3D NAND SSDs roll out
  • Spreading out the memory cells brings back speed and performance lost on cramped 2D dies
  • It allows for the evolution of smaller storage devices

2D vs 3D NAND

Assured Systems is consistently striving to improve the performance of every component of our systems whilst maintaining budgetary constraints. As 3D NAND technology rolls out, these improved and cheaper SSDs will be integrated into embedded systems as a matter of course, with the cost savings passed on to our customers. If you have specific storage requirements, or large storage capacity parameters have killed budgets for previous projects, contact us and we can advise on the new possibilities offered by 3D NAND.

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