10/100 Mbps

10/100 Mbps Unmanaged Low Voltage PoE switches are a category of network switches with a specific data transfer rate. The 10/100 Mbps refers to the speed of data transfer, either 10 or 100 megabits per second. ‘Unmanaged’ means no modifications or customization of operational settings, providing a plug-and-play experience. Low voltage indicates reduced energy consumption. PoE or Power over Ethernet means these switches transmit both electrical power and data on Ethernet cables, eliminating the need for separate power supplies.


Antaira LNP-0802-M-24 8-Port Industrial PoE+ Unmanaged Ethernet Switch, with 6x 10/100Tx (30W/Port) + 2x 100Fx Multi-mode 2Km, 12VDC-36VDC

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