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Technical innovations have come a long way over the past few decades and we’re seeing embedded computers integrated into more and more applications to provide feedback and data for companies to improve efficiency, target weak areas, and ensure they are maximising revenue. These systems are more complex than ever, with interactive human machine interfaces, digital signage, wayfinding, targeted advertising, self-service ticket kiosks and more.  These areas are projected to grow over the coming years with companies investing more and more resources into their systems and paying meticulous attention to emerging trends.  Advancements such as our NDiS B426 embedded computer, that is especially designed for graphic intensive analytics, are at the cutting-edge of retail technology. Signage is not just about drawing in the masses, but interpreting, measuring and analysing. Big data is the future, and the more you have, the more resources you have to depend on to make calculated decisions.

It is therefore imperative to have an embedded computer system in place that enables you the ability to not just display your content, but has the integrated performance to compute complex tasks as well as the ability to communicate with the rest of your network. A key drawback of these advancements is the associated capital cost and though ROI is high, the initial cost is still a determining factor, especially now with external forces pushing up prices all the time, especially for our UK clients.

This limitation need be no more.  Our latest systems are designed for super-rich multimedia content and are accompanied with high processing power; the difference? The price.

The F210U is a compact, cost-effective embedded computer based on the Intel Cherry Trail CPU family offering 4 cores and the Intel HD GPU, 1 x serial port and 4 x USB. It is perfect for embedded applications which require a graphical user interface, as it’s equipped with both HDMI and VGA video outputs (can run dual independent displays) and is housed in a tiny metal chassis measuring only 116x107x30mm in size. The fanless design provides optimal longevity, and most importantly reliability. There are several factory built options available with either 8GB, 32GB and 64GB of storage, and the system has operating system support for Windows, Linux and Android for maximum computing flexibility.

Giada F210U Embedded PC

The F103D is powered by Intel’s Celeron processor and its compact form and fanless design provide you with a rugged and reliable solution for semi-industrial applications like digital signage, kiosks and embedded server applications.  2x Mini PCIe Express ports allow for further system expansion with OS support for Windows, Linux and Android. The F103D is a low cost embedded computer that is competent of HD and 4K graphics for exemplary multimedia playback of any variety.

Giada F103D Embedded Computer

The i59U is a compact digital signage PC that is specifically aimed at high quality graphics performance. Its 6th Generation Intel Core is available as an i5 (2.5GHz) or i3 (2.3GHz). The superior processing power allows comprehensive graphics support with Intel HD Graphics 520, Direct X12, OpenGL4.0 and OpenCL 1.2 with connectivity in the form of 1x DP and HDMI. The i59U is graphic centric and as well as supporting 4K UHD multimedia, the i59U also accommodates H.264 and H.265 coding standard despite its cost-effective price.

Giada i59U Embedded Computer

We also offer the F302 fanless 6th generation embedded computer aimed at industrial control applications as it provides dual LAN and 6 x serial ports. Based around the Skylake-U processors, the system offers mega performance at super low power consumption. Using the Intel HD520 GPU the system can support full 4K resolutions at 60Hz making it performance for kiosk and wayfinding applications. Housed in a neat, slimline fanless chassis, it comes at a price point which is almost half of its peers in the market, it’s seriously worth consideration.

Giada F302 Embedded Computer

Depending on your integration, an OPS module may be the best fit especially for expansive networks. Adopting the Intel Broadwell-U/ Skylake-U, the P216 is an Intel OPS compliant module providing an all-in-one digital signage solution whilst they are often also used in interactive whiteboard applications. Both the HDMI and JAE on the P216 are capable of processing 4K material, 1x RS-232 offers you serial connectivity whilst the USB interface is made up of 3x 3.0 and 1x 2.0 connections. Integrated Intel HD Graphics 520 provides high GPU performance on this compact signage PC, please see the P216 specification for more information.

Giada P216 OPS Module

When combined with one of our commercial grade LCD displays you can source an easy to integrate all-in-one solution for your exacting application and with vast ranges, variations and customizing options available Assured Systems is the only system integrator you need.

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