Cincoze GP-3000 Intel Xeon/Core Dual Full-length GPU Expandable Computer


  • Supports 9th/8th Gen Intel Xeon/Core Processor (35W / 65W / 80W)
  • 2 x DDR4 SO-DIMM Sockets, Supports ECC/non ECC type up to 2666 MHz, 64GB
  • 4 x 2.5″ Hot Swappable SATA III HDD/SSD Bays (Max Height 15 mm)
  • 1 x M.2 M Key Socket (NVMe), 1 x M.2 E Key Socket (CNVi)
  • 2 x Front Accessible SIM Card Slots for Signal Redundancy
  • CMI Technology for Various I/O Module Expansions
  • CFM Technology for Power Ignition Sensing & PoE Function
  • Versatile Mounting Methods (Wall / Stand / Face-up / 19″ Rack Mount)
  • Military Standard Shock & Vibration Proof

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GPUs have evolved—and AI processing, simulation, and 3D graphics rendering have all benefited. Now, powerful GPU-based acceleration is baked into edge computing solutions to provide intensive processing parallelism and performance-driven analytics not possible with traditional PCs. Only these GPU systems can provide the real-time decision-making, predictive analytics, and optimized control at the edge needed to achieve the high efficiency and growth required for industrial operations. Powerful GPU computing drives these applications and necessitates dedicated robust hardware to provide processing and inferencing capabilities. Cincoze is a professional provider of highly reliable and rugged embedded systems to support customers in the industrial field. Deploying our rugged, high-performance GP-3000 machine vision computer provides the power to manage the most complex artificial intelligence and machine vision workloads. Machine Vision
  • Vision quided robotics
  • Automated optical inspection
  • Artifical Intelligence
In-Vehicle Computing
  • Autonomous driving
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fatigue driving detection
Intelligent Transportation
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Object screening
Security & Surveillance
  • Object tracking & detection
  • Real-time pose estimation
  • Video analytics
    Cutting-Edge Performance The GP-3000 is powered by a 9th generation Intel Xeon/Core processor and supports up to two 250 W high-end graphics cards adding blazing-fast performance for AI, machine learning, machine vision, and big data analysis. 9th generation Intel processors are up to 34% percent faster than the previous generation. GP-3000 supports two ECC or non-ECC DDR4-2666 (up to 64 GB) for exceptional speed and responsiveness. The GP-3000 is one of the most formidable industrial AI and machine vision computers available today. Scalability and Upgradability With GEB The GP-3000 provides an exclusive GPU Expansion Box (GEB), a scalable GPU solution for performance upgradability and flexibility. It supports the expansion of up to two 250 W 328 mm full-length graphics cards in the market. GP-3000 is the core processing unit, and a single- or dual-GPU GEB connects externally to add GPU processing power and other PCIe add-on cards. Total Power Budget Up to 720W GP-3000 has a 720 W total system power budget and supports a wide range DC power input from 9 to 48 V for high-end GPU computing. GP-3000 can power up to 500 W for its GEB with its specialized power design, ideal for dual 250 W graphics cards. Intelligent Cooling Design for Enhanced Thermal Support Better performance, higher power requirements. To solve the power consumption and thermal challenges, the GP-3000’s mechanical structure and isolated external smart fan kits on both sides of the chassis effectively dissipate heat under full workloads in extreme conditions. Multiple Native and Expandable I/O GP-3000 has multiple native I/O interfaces built-in. Cincoze’s proprietary CMI/CFM modules offer customization for additional I/O or other functionality such as 8x GbE LAN/POE, 6x USB 3.2, and 2x 10 GbE LAN. GP-3000 supports four 2.5" hot-swap SATA SSDs and has one M.2 M key socket for NVMe SSD storage. Robust Design Enabling Reliable Operation GP-3000 packs versatility and performance into a robust design for ultimate GPU computing. GP-3000 has passed a series stringent quality assurance tests and industry standards including MIL-STD-810G military standard, E-mark for in-vehicle applications and EN50155 (EN 50121-3-2 only) for rolling stock environments. It can withstand hot and cold temperature extremes, shock and vibration, and high electromagnetic radiation.

Ordering Info

Model No. Product Description
GP-3000-R10 9th/8th Gen Intel Xeon/Core GPU Computer, Supports Dual Full-length GPU Expansion Up to 500W
Package Checklist
√ Wall Mount Bracket √ Rubber Foot Kit x 1
√ Desktop Mount Kit x 1 √ Power Terminal Block Connector x 2
√ CPU Heatsink and Thermal Pad Kit √ Remote Function Terminal Block Connector x 2
√ Screw Pack x4 √ Utility DVD Driver x1
Optional GPU Expansion Box
Model No. Description
GEB-3301-R10 GPU Expansion Box with 1x PCIex16 and 1x PCIe x4 Slots for GP-3000 Series
GEB-3601-R10 GPU Expansion Box with 2x PCIe x 16 (Signal PCIe x 8), 1x PCIe x 4 and 1 x PCIe x 1 Slots for GP-3000 Series
Optional Accessories – I/O Module
Model No. Description
CMI-LAN01-R12/UB1412 CMI Module with 4x Intel I210 GbE LAN, RJ45 Port / 1x Universal Bracket with 4x RJ45 Cutout for GP-3000 Series
CMI-M12LAN01-R12/UB1410 CMI Module with M12 A-Coded Connector, 4x Intel I210 GbE LAN / 1x Universal Bracket with 4x M12 Cutout for GP-3000 Series
CMI-XM12LAN01-R10/UB1410 CMI Module with M12 X-Coded Connector, 4x Intel I210 GbE LAN Ports / Universal Bracket with 4x M12 Cutout for GP-3000 Series
CMI-10GLAN02-R10/UB1428 CMI Module with 2x Intel X550 10GbE LAN, RJ45 Port / 1x Universal Bracket with 2x RJ45 Cutout for GP-3000 Series
CMI-COM04-R10/UB1403 CMI Module with 2x RS232/422/485 Ports (Support 5V/12V) / 1x Universal Bracket with 2x DB9 Cutout for GP-3000 Series
CMI-DIO04-R11/UB1418 CMI Module with 16DIO (8in 8out) / 1x Universal Bracket with DIO Cutout for GP-3000 Series
MEC-USB-M102-15/UB1414 Mini-PCIe Module with 2x USB 3.0 Ports, 1x 15cm cable / 1x Universal Bracket with 2x USB Cutout for GP-3000 Series
Optional Accessories – Function Module
Model No. Description
CFM-PoE07-R10 CFM Module with PoE Function, Individual Port 25.5W (Enable PoE function for CMI-LAN01-R12 and CMI-M12LAN01-R12)
CFM-PoE01 CFM Module with PoE Function, Individual Port 25.5W (Enable PoE function for onboard LAN 2 to LAN 5)
CFM-IGN03-R10 CFM Module with Power Ignition Sensing Function, 12V/24V Selectable
Optional Mounting Kit
Model No. Description
RM01-R10 19″ Rack Mount Kit for GP-3000
RM02-R10 19″ Rack Mount Kit for GP-3000/GEB-33 Series
RM03-R10 19″ Rack Mount Kit for GP-3000/GEB-36 Series
Optional Power Supply / Power Cord / Power Cable
Model No. Description
SDR-480-24 DIN Rail Power Supply 480W 24V, SDR-480-24
HEP-1000-24 Power Supply 1000W 24V, HEP-1000-24
US Power Cord 1.8M US Power Cord, Stripped and Tinned End with Tube
EU Power Cord 1.8M EU Power Cord, Stripped and Tinned End with Tube
Power Cable 1M Power Cable with 3-Pin Terminal Block Plug, Stripped and Tinned End with Tube


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Model Name GP-3000
System Processor • 9th Generation Intel Coffee Lake-R S Series CPU: – Intel Xeon E-2278GE 8 Cores Up to 4.7 GHz, TDP 80W – Intel Xeon E-2278GEL 8 Cores Up to 3.9 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Core i7-9700E 8 Cores Up to 4.4 GHz, TDP 65W – Intel Core i5-9500E 6 Cores Up to 4.2 GHz, TDP 65W – Intel Core i3-9100E 4 Cores Up to 3.7 GHz, TDP 65W – Intel Core i7-9700TE 8 Cores Up to 3.8 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Core i5-9500TE 6 Cores Up to 3.6 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Core i3-9100TE 4 Cores Up to 3.2 GHz, TDP 35W • 8th Generation Intel Coffee Lake S Series CPU: – Intel Xeon E-2176G 6 Cores up to 4.7 GHz, TDP 80W – Intel Xeon E-2124G 4 Cores up to 4.5 GHz, TDP 71W – Intel Core i7-8700 6 Cores up to 4.6 GHz, TDP 65W – Intel Core i5-8500 6 Cores, up to 4.1 GHz, TDP 65W – Intel Core i3-8100 4 Cores 3.6 GHz, TDP 65W – Intel Core i7-8700T 6 Cores up to 4.0 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Core i5-8500T 6 Cores up to 3.5 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Core i3-8100T 4 Cores 3.1 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Pentium G5400 2 Cores 3.7 GHz, TDP 58W – Intel Pentium G5400T 2 Cores 3.1 GHz, TDP 35W – Intel Celeron G4900 2 Cores 3.1 GHz, TDP 54W – Intel Celeron G4900T 2 Cores 2.9 GHz, TDP 35W
Chipset Intel C246
Memory • 2x DDR4-2666/2400 MHz SO-DIMM Sockets • Supports ECC / non-ECC Type Up to 64 GB * Xeon/i7/i5: Up to DDR4 2666MHz * i3/Pentium/Celeron: Up to DDR4 2400MHz
Graphics • Integrated Intel UHD Graphics (Xeon/i7/i5/i3: UHD 630; Pentium/Celeron: UHD 610) • Supports Triple Independent Display (VGA/DisplayPort/HDMI)
Audio Realtek ALC888, High Definition Audio
I/O Interface HDMI 1x HDMI Connector (4096 x 2160 @ 30Hz)
DP 1x DisplayPort Connector (4096 x 2304 @ 60Hz)
VGA 1x VGA Connector (1920 x 1200 @30Hz )
LAN 5x GbE LAN, RJ45 – GbE1: Intel I219-LM – GbE2: Intel I210 – GbE3: Intel I210 – GbE4: Intel I210 – GbE5: Intel I210
Serial Port 2x RS-232/422/485 with Auto Flow Control (Supports 5V/12V), DB9
USB 2x 10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen2, Type A 4x 5Gbps USB 3.2 Gen1, Type A
Line-Out 1x Line-Out, Phone Jack 3.5mm
Mic-In 1x Mic-In, Phone Jack 3.5mm
Power Button 1x ATX Power On/Off Button
Remote Power On/Off 1x Remote Power On/Off, 2-pin Terminal Block
Remote Reset 1x Remote Reset, 2-pin Terminal Block
AT/ATX Switch 1x AT/ATX Mode Switch
Rest Button 1x Rest Button
Clear CMOS Switch 1x Clear CMOS Switch
Storage SSD/HDD 4x 2.5″ Front Accessible SATA HDD/SSD Bay (SATA 3.0), Supports Up to 15mm in Height
M.2 1x M.2 Key M 2280 Socket, Supports PCIe x4 NVMe SSD or SATA SSD (Gen3)
RAID Supports RAID 0 / 1 / 5 / 10
Expansion PCIe Optional GPU Expansion Box – 1 x PCIe x 4 + 1 x PCIe x 16 – 2 x PCIe x 16 (8 Lanes) + 1 x PCIe x 1 + 1 x PCIe x 4
Mini PCI Express 2x Full-size Mini-PCIe Socket
M.2 1x M.2 Key E 2230 Socket, Supports Intel CNVi Module 1x M.2 Key M 2280 Socket, Support NVMe/SATA SSD
Universal Bracket 1x Universal Bracket
SIM Socket 2x SIM Socket
Antenna Holes 7x Antenna Holes
Cincoze Modular Technology CMI Interface 1x High Speed CMI (Combined Multiple I/O) Interface 1x Low Speed CMI (Combined Multiple I/O) Interface
CMI Module Optional Modules: – 4x GbE LAN, RJ45 – 4x GbE LAN, M12 A-Coded – 2x 10GbE LAN, RJ45 – 2x RS-232/422/485 with Auto Flow Control (Supports 5V/12V), DB9 – 16x Optical Isolated DIO(8DI, 8DO), 2x 10 Pin Terminal Block
CFM Interface 1x CFM(Control Function Module) IGN Interface 1x CFM(Control Function Module) PoE Interface
CFM Module Optional Module • 1x Power Ignition Sensing Module with Delay Time Management and Selectable 12V/24V • 1x PoE Function Module Supports Up to 4x PoE+ with Individual port 25.5W
MEC Module Optional Modules: • 2x 5Gbps USB 3.2 Gen1, Type A • 2x GbE LAN, RJ45
Other Fan 2x Fan Kits ( Air-flow isolated from the electronics )
Instant Reboot Support 0.2sec Instant Reboot Technology
Super Cap SuperCap Integrated for CMOS Battery Maintenance-free Operation
Watchdog Timer Software Programmable Supports 256 Levels System Reset
Power Requirement Power Type AT/ATX
Power Input Voltage 9-48 VDC, Single Power Source
Total Power Budget 220W
Connector 2x 3-pin Terminal Block, Each Terminal Block Current Limitation is 15A – Dual power connect must be used at the same time due to 15A current limitation at each power connector.
Power Supply Optional AC/DC or DC/DC 24V 480W Power Supply Optional AC/DC or DC/DC 24V 1000W Power Supply
Physical Dimension ( W x D x H ) 105 x 195 x 370 mm
Weight Information 8kg
Mechanical Construction Extruded Aluminum with Heavy Duty Metal
Mounting Wall Mount / Desktop Mount / 19″ Rack Mount / Face-up Mount
Unibody Design Yes
Jumper-less Design Yes
Protection Reverse Power Input Protection Yes
Over Voltage Protection • Protection Range: 51~58V • Protection Type: shut down operating voltage, re-power on at the preset level to recover
Over Current Protection 30A
ESD Protection +/-8kV(Air), +/-4kV(Contact)
Surge 3.84 kV (impedance 12 ohm 1.2/50us waveform)
Operating System Windows Windows 10
Linux Support by project
Environment Operating Temperature 35W CPU: -40°C to 70°C 65W CPU: -40°C to 60°C 80W CPU: -40°C to 50°C * With extended temperature peripherals; Ambient with air flow * According to IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, IEC60068-2-14 * 100% CPU and without thermal throttling
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C
Relative Humidity 95% RH @ 70°C (Non-condensing)
Shock MIL-STD-810G
Vibration MIL-STD-810G
EMC CE, FCC, ICES-003 Class A, EN50121-3-2 (Railway), E-mark
Safety LVD (EN62368-1)
MTBF 441,283 hr
Processor Type Intel Celeron, up to 2 Cores, Intel Pentium, up to 2 Cores, Intel Xeon, up to 8 Cores, Intel Core, up to 8 Cores
Memory Capacity Up to 64GB
Serial Ports (COM) 2x RS-232/422/485
USB Ports 6x USB 3.2
Ethernet Ports (LAN) 5x 1G
Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PoE Ports
Wireless Cellular, Wi-Fi
Video Ports 1x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x DisplayPort
Digital I/O 16 DIO
Audio Yes
Storage Type 1x M.2 PCIe, 4x 2.5"
Expansion Type 2x M.2, 2x Mini PCI Express, 6x PCI Express
Input Voltage 9-48 VDC
Mounting Options Desk-mount, Rack-mount, Wall-mount
Operating Temperature Extra-Wide OT: -40°C to 35°C, Extra-Wide OT: -40°C to 40°C, Extra-Wide OT: -40°C to 50°C, Extra-Wide OT: -40°C to 60°C, Extra-Wide OT: -40°C to 70°C
Market Certifications CE/FCC, E-Mark, MIL-STD
OS Support Windows 10

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Cincoze: Warranty and Service Information

Founded in 2011, Assured Systems are an official EMEA Partner of Cinzone. For all Cinzone products supplied we are proud to offer a comprehensive 2 year warranty, with optional extensions available upon request. Our warranty also covers systems that have been customised by Assured Systems.

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