AVerMedia CT110 Portable HDMI Signal Detector with USB 2.0


  • Portable and easy
  • Plug and go
  • HDMI 1.4 display
  • Signal status


The CT110 is the most advanced addition yet to AVerMedia’s line of streaming solutions. Lightweight and portable, this HDMI signal detector is capable of diagnosing and identifying specific problems with the status of each HDMI signal component. Two mode tools, an automatic detection tool and a manual detection tool, ensure that the most optimal HD performance is achieved. The CT110 also serves as a tool for measuring the DC level of an HDMI device source. The CT110 weighs in at a total of 45.5g. Store this compact HDMI signal detector at the office, or take it with you anywhere. Testing for HDMI signals takes just one step: plugging it in. Once the cables are connected to the CT110 HDMI-F connectors, the tester will immediately begin the detection process for signal testing. Don’t miss out on high quality! The CT110 supports HDMI 1.4 display up to 1080p60, bringing to your screen a richer viewing experience. The status for each HDMI signal component is displayed clearly, allowing users to instantly pinpoint any signal issues. The CT110 gives manufacturers the ability to measure continuity for all HDMI features (HDMI 1.4 standard) to detect DC voltage levels for each and every HDMI signal pin. With rapid detection capabilities, each product can be tested within seconds allowing for continuous production without production delays.


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Model Name CT110
Product Description Signal Detector
Features * Detect HDMI signal DC level up to 1080p60* Two operation modes for auto testing or PC operation* 45.5g for portability and easy storage
Input/Output HDMI Input (Source)HDMI Output (Pass-through)USB 2.0 (Power/UART)
Auto Test Mode Validates DC Voltages of HDMI Pins acccording to specific criteria:TMDS Data0+, TMDS Data0-, TMDS Data1+, TMDS Data1-, TMDS Data2+, TMDS Data2-, TMDS Clock+, and TMDS Clock-, CEC, Power +5V, DDC (I2C), Hot-Plug Detect.
PC Operating Mode Measures and reports Max., Min., Avg. of DC levels of HDMI Pins to PC:TMDS Data0+, TMDS Data0-, TMDS Data1+, TMDS Data1-, TMDS Data2+, TMDS Data2-, TMDS Clock+, and TMDS Clock-, CEC, Power +5V, DDC (I2C), Hot-Plug Detect.
UART Communication Protocol Baud rate: 9600Data: 8 bitStop bits: 1 bitNo parity and no flow control
Operating Temperature 0~+35°C
DC Input 5V +/- 5%, 0.5A
Dimensions (mm) 98.7(L) x 62.2(W) x 19.1(H)

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