Avalue Announces Leading – Edge Digital Paper Products EPD-42T & EPD-4200

Avalue Technology Inc., a global industrial PC solution provider and a Titanium member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, is announcing two new entries in its Digital Paper Solutions series, the EPD-42T 42-inch complete system and the EPD-4200 digital paper monitor.

Digital paper solutions carry two advantages over the more traditional displays. One is that they consume far less power. In many applications, power consumption is reduced by a factor of 85, compared to an LCD screen. The second advantage of the digital paper product is that it is far easier to read in bright sunlight. The paper-like, anti-glare, anti-blue light material that requires no backlight is more “eye-friendly” than of that compared to an LCD.

There is a long list of potential applications for digital paper products thanks to the low power and outdoor readability and fully waterproof shell, it can be powered from solar panels, eliminating lots of costly wiring. Places that can easily benefit for the technology include bus stops, smart poles, road signs, etc.

The EPD-42T all-in-one solution can be utilized as a communications board, replacing a traditional whiteboard, taking advantage of projected capacitive touch (PCAP) technology to produce a vibrant, interactive display. PCAP consists of an insulator like glass coated with a transparent conductor. That distortion is measurable as a change in capacitance, resulting in crisp, easy-to-read displays.  The display is suited for hospital environments with it not disturbing patients with bright lights, due to the fact it emits no light and that information displayed on the digital paper solution is “always on,” even if the power is off.

The EPD-4200, a replacement for digital signage and bulletin boards, works through a PC, which can control multiple digital paper systems. Input is via either wired (through USB) or wireless (through WiFi). Avalue’s EPD-4200 offers excellent visibility in bright environments, including outdoors and boasts a resolution of 2880 by 2160 pixels. Outdoor use is supplemented, by a wide temperature range (-15°C to +65°C), a 180-degree viewing angle and a glass display that is virtually shatterproof.  Its low power consumption permits operation from rechargeable battery cells, resulting in a very cost-effective solution.

A key feature of both the EPD-42T and the EPD-4200 is there simple installation. In addition to the standard VESA mounting kits, Avaule provides a three-step mounting solution, which simplifies the mounting process.

According to Product Manager David Kuo of Avalue Technology, “Our digital paper displays make great replacements for the traditional bulletin boards and other communications means. We can update the information instantly using platforms that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.”

Thanks to Avalue Technology’s Digital Paper Solutions series, users have access to a full slate of digital content and with real-time access, information is always up to date and accurate.

EPD-42T main features:

  1. 42" E Ink Monochrome ePaper Display
  2. Built-in Touch Screen
  3. High Performance i.MX 7Dual Processor
  4. No Power Needed to Maintain Display Image
  5. Front IP65, Rear IPX1
  6. Sunlight Readable and Doesn't Require a Backlight

­­­­­­­EPD-4200 main features:

  1. 42” ePaper monochrome display
  2. Sunlight readable w/UV-cut
  3. 2880 x 2160 resolution
  4. 2 input types: wire mode (USB), wireless mode (WiFi)
  5. Operating temp: -15~65 degree
  6. CE / FCC Class B
  7. Front IP65 with 2.8mm cover glass

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