An Efficient Industrial Automation Powerhouse: The EC70A-ADP

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  1. Introduction
  2. High Performance and Cost Efficiency
  3. Strong I/O Flexibility for Diverse Deployments
  4. Applications of the EC70A-ADP
  5. Key Features - EC70A-ADP
  6. How Each Feature Enhances Applications
  7. Technical Diagram - EC70A-ADP
  8. Conclusion


The EC70A-ADP is a state-of-the-art compact fanless computer specifically designed for industrial automation and robotics applications, including machine vision. Its robust design, fanless technology, and extensive range of features ensure reliability and longevity in the most demanding environments.

The EC70A-ADP stands out for applications requiring a compact system with multiple I/O ports, wide temperature range capabilities, and seamless machine vision integration. This powerhouse is particularly beneficial for AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Systems and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) applications across various sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, security, and more.

With 5G compatibility, it provides high-speed connectivity and data processing, making it the ideal choice for next-generation automation solutions. Experience unmatched performance and durability with the EC70A-ADP.

High Performance and Cost Efficiency

Compact and Fanless Design

The EC70A-ADP boasts wide temperature support within a compact and fanless design, powered by 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. It is equipped with onboard memory and one SODIMM slot, making it capable of handling high workloads efficiently.  Despite its compact form factor of 181.6mm x 57mm x 118.4mm, this system delivers powerful performance. Its wide temperature range and fanless operation make it ideal for deployment in challenging industrial environments, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions. Furthermore, its compatibility with machine vision applications enhances its suitability for advanced industrial automation tasks.

Application Enhancement:

  • Smart Manufacturing: The compact design allows easy integration into existing manufacturing lines, enhancing space utilisation and operational efficiency. The fanless design ensures reliability in dusty and harsh environments.
  • Healthcare: Its small footprint is ideal for medical carts and bedside terminals, providing essential computing power without adding bulk.
  • Transportation: The robust, fanless design ensures reliable operation in vehicles, which are subject to vibrations and varying temperatures.

Strong I/O Flexibility for Diverse Deployments

The EC70A-ADP offers a versatile array of I/O ports to support a wide range of industrial applications. It includes:

  • LAN Ports: One 2.5GbE LAN port and two 1GbE LAN ports for high-speed network connectivity.
  • USB Ports: Four USB 3.2 ports for fast data transfer and peripheral connectivity.
  • Display Interfaces: HDMI and DisplayPort outputs for multiple display support.
  • Serial Ports: Two RS-232/422/485 serial ports for legacy device connectivity.

These features support a DC input range from 9V to 36V and operating temperatures from -20˚C to 60˚C, making the system suitable for diverse deployments, including machine vision, AMR, AGV, AIoT gateway, and industrial automation, among many others.

Application Enhancement:

  • Logistics: Multiple LAN ports enable the integration of various sensors and devices for real-time tracking and data collection, optimising warehouse operations.
  • Security and Surveillance: High-speed USB ports and display interfaces allow for the connection of multiple high-resolution cameras and monitors, providing comprehensive surveillance solutions.
  • Energy Management: Serial ports facilitate communication with older grid equipment, ensuring seamless integration into existing energy management systems.

Future-Ready for High-Speed Industrial Applications

The EC70A-ADP is equipped with M.2 M and E Keys for storage and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with an M.2 B Key featuring a Nano SIM slot for 5G or LTE smart applications. These features ensure robust, stable, and secure data transmission, meeting the demands of modern industrial applications.

Application Enhancement:

  • Smart Cities: 5G connectivity supports real-time data transmission for traffic management and public safety applications, enhancing urban infrastructure management.
  • Retail and Digital Signage: High-speed connectivity ensures smooth operation of interactive kiosks and digital advertising systems, providing an enhanced customer experience.
  • Agriculture: Real-time data from remote farming locations can be transmitted reliably, supporting precision farming and livestock monitoring.

Applications of the EC70A-ADP

The EC70A-ADP is designed to revolutionise various industries by providing advanced computing power and flexibility. Here’s a detailed look at how this powerhouse can be utilised in different sectors:

  1. Smart Manufacturing

Application: Real-Time Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

The EC70A-ADP excels in smart manufacturing by enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance of machinery and production lines.  Its robust design and high processing power allow it to analyse vast amounts of data from sensors and machines, identifying potential issues before they lead to downtime.


  • Increased Operational Efficiency: By detecting equipment failures early, the EC70A-ADP reduces downtime, ensuring continuous production and maximising operational efficiency.
  • Optimised Production Processes: Real-time data analysis enables manufacturers to fine-tune production processes, enhancing productivity and product quality.
  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Application: Automated Sorting, Tracking, and Route Optimisation

In the logistics sector, the EC70A-ADP supports automated sorting, tracking, and route optimisation. Its multiple I/O ports and high-speed data processing capabilities make it ideal for managing complex logistics operations.


  • Improved Accuracy and Speed: The EC70A-ADP enhances inventory management and order fulfilment accuracy, reducing errors and speeding up processing times.
  • Cost Reduction: By optimising delivery routes and reducing operational costs, this system ensures efficient logistics management.
  1. Industrial Automation

Application: Control and Monitoring of Automated Systems and Robotics

The EC70A-ADP plays a crucial role in industrial automation by providing reliable control and monitoring of automated systems and robotics. Its fanless design and wide temperature range support stable operation in various industrial environments.


  • Enhanced Precision and Consistency: The EC70A-ADP ensures precise and consistent operations in production lines, improving overall efficiency.
  • Adaptive Automation Solutions: Advanced AI algorithms integrated with the EC70A-ADP enable smarter and more adaptive automation solutions.
  1. Healthcare

Application: Medical Imaging, Patient Monitoring, and Telemedicine

The healthcare sector benefits significantly from the EC70A-ADP’s high-performance capabilities. It supports applications such as medical imaging, patient monitoring, and telemedicine, providing high-resolution data and reliable connectivity.


  • Accurate Diagnostics: High-resolution imaging and real-time data analysis improve diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: Remote patient monitoring and telemedicine capabilities enhance healthcare accessibility, especially in underserved areas.
  1. Security and Surveillance

Application: Real-Time Video Analytics and Threat Detection

In security and surveillance, the EC70A-ADP supports real-time video analytics and threat detection. Its powerful processing capabilities and multiple I/O ports enable efficient handling of high-resolution video data.


  • Enhanced Security: Advanced video analytics and AI-driven threat detection improve overall security, allowing for quick and accurate responses to potential threats.
  • Large-Scale Surveillance: The EC70A-ADP supports large-scale surveillance operations, providing comprehensive coverage and real-time data processing.
  1. Smart Cities

Application: Traffic Management, Public Safety, and Environmental Monitoring

The EC70A-ADP is instrumental in developing smart cities by supporting traffic management, public safety, and environmental monitoring applications. Its high-speed connectivity and data processing capabilities ensure efficient management of urban infrastructure.


  • Optimised Traffic Flow: Intelligent traffic systems supported by the EC70A-ADP reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.
  • Enhanced Public Safety: Real-time surveillance and automated alert systems enhance public safety, allowing for quick responses to incidents.
  • Sustainable Development: Environmental monitoring capabilities ensure sustainable urban development by providing real-time data on environmental conditions.
  1. Transportation and Fleet Management

Application: Vehicle Diagnostics, Route Planning, and Driver Assistance Systems

In transportation, the EC70A-ADP supports vehicle diagnostics, route planning, and driver assistance systems. Its robust design and high-speed connectivity ensure reliable operation in various transportation applications.


  • Improved Fleet Efficiency: Real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance enhance fleet efficiency, reducing downtime and operational costs.
  • Optimised Route Planning: Advanced route planning capabilities reduce fuel consumption and delivery times, ensuring efficient logistics management.
  1. Energy Management

Application: Smart Grid Management and Renewable Energy Monitoring

The EC70A-ADP supports energy management applications such as smart grid management and renewable energy monitoring. Its reliable data processing capabilities ensure efficient energy distribution and monitoring.


  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Smart grid technologies supported by the EC70A-ADP optimise energy distribution, reducing waste and improving efficiency.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Monitoring renewable energy sources in real-time ensures optimal energy production and sustainable energy management.
  1. Agriculture

Application: Precision Farming and Livestock Monitoring

In agriculture, the EC70A-ADP supports precision farming and livestock monitoring applications. Its robust design and high-speed data processing capabilities ensure reliable operation in various agricultural environments.


  • Increased Crop Yields: Real-time data analysis and predictive analytics improve crop yields and resource efficiency.
  • Enhanced Livestock Management: Continuous monitoring and automated feeding systems enhance livestock health and productivity.
  1. Retail and Digital Signage

Application: Interactive Kiosks, Digital Advertising, and Inventory Management

The retail sector benefits from the EC70A-ADP’s capabilities in interactive kiosks, digital advertising, and inventory management. Its high-resolution displays and responsive touch technology enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency.


  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Interactive displays and targeted advertising improve customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Real-time data analytics optimise inventory management, ensuring stock availability and reducing operational costs.

Key Features - EC70A-ADP

How Each Feature Enhances Applications


  1. 12th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

The EC70A-ADP‘s 12th Generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver high processing power, essential for handling demanding applications.


  • Machine Vision: High processing power enables the analysis of complex visual data in real-time, enhancing defect detection and quality control.
  • Telemedicine: Powerful processors ensure smooth and accurate real-time medical imaging and remote consultations.
  1. Wide Temperature Range

Supporting operating temperatures from -20˚C to 60˚C, the EC70A-ADP is built to perform in extreme conditions.


  • AGV/AMR: Reliable operation in cold storage or hot industrial environments ensures continuous operation without performance degradation.
  • Energy Management: Robust performance in outdoor installations for renewable energy monitoring and smart grid management.
  1. Multiple I/O Ports

The diverse range of I/O ports, including LAN, USB, display, and serial ports, allows versatile connectivity options.


  • Logistics: Multiple LAN and USB ports facilitate the connection of various sensors and peripherals, optimising warehouse operations.
  • Security: High-speed data transfer and connectivity to multiple cameras and monitors enhance surveillance systems’ effectiveness.
  1. Fanless Design

The fanless design eliminates the risk of dust ingress and mechanical failure, ensuring long-term reliability.


  • Healthcare: Quiet, reliable operation in sterile environments, such as operating rooms and ICUs.
  • Smart Manufacturing: Durable operation in dusty and vibration-prone environments, such as factories and workshops.
  1. 5G and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Equipped with M.2 M, E, and B Keys, including a Nano SIM slot for 5G/LTE, the EC70A-ADP supports high-speed wireless communication.


  • Smart Cities: Real-time data transmission for traffic and environmental monitoring ensures efficient urban management.
  • Agriculture: Reliable connectivity in remote fields supports real-time data collection and analysis, enhancing precision farming.

Technical Diagram - EC70A-ADP


The EC70A-ADP is a powerful industrial computer designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications. Its compact and fanless design, together with it’s high processing power and extensive I/O flexibility, make it ideal for deployment in challenging environments. From smart manufacturing and logistics to healthcare and smart cities, the EC70A-ADP provides reliable and efficient solutions that drive operational efficiency and productivity.

With future-ready features such as 5G compatibility, the EC70A-ADP is well-equipped to handle the demands of modern industrial applications. Its robust design ensures durability and longevity, making it a valuable investment for businesses looking to enhance their automation capabilities.

Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the EC70A-ADP, an efficient industrial automation powerhouse. Embrace the future of industrial automation and robotics with a solution that delivers high performance and cost efficiency, ensuring your business stays ahead in a competitive landscape.

By integrating advanced technologies and offering versatile applications, the EC70A-ADP sets new standards in industrial computing, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly automated world.

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