YUAN SC2B0N4 4-Channel BNC Composite H.264 PCI Video Capture Card

YUAN SC2B0N4 4-Channel BNC Composite H.264 PCI Video Capture Card


  • Model Name: SC2B0N4
  • Max. FPS: 120/100fps@D1
  • Dimensions: 120.54×96.52 ( mm )
  • Interface: PCI
  • Video Input: 4×BNC


The YUAN SC2B0N4 is a 4-Channel PCI Video Capture Card. With dimensions of 120.54 x 96.52 (mm), the SC230N4 contains 4x BNC for video input. 

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Model Name SC230N4
Max. FPS 120/100fps @ D1
Recording Mode Hardware Compression, Real-Time Mode
Dimension 120.54×96.52 ( mm )
Interface PCI
ADC 10-Bit
Video Input 4×BNC
Display Video Format YUY2
Display Video Resolution NTSC704×480@30fps704×240@30fps352×240@30fpsPAL704×576@25fps704×288@25fps352×288@25fps
Recording Video Format H.264 Baseline Profile ( Hardware Compression )
Display Video Resolution NTSC704×480@15.0fps+352×240@15.0fps704×240@30.0fps+352×240@30.0fps352×240@30.0fps+352×240@30.0fps PAL704×576@12.5fps+352×288@12.5fps704×288@25.0fps+352×288@25.0fps352×288@25.0fps+352×288@25.0fps
Audio Input 4×RCA
Audio Format Mono / 16-Bit / 8000Hz
I/O 16
Watchdog V
Multiple Cards 4
SDK Support API : DirectShow, V4L2, FFmpeg, GstreamerSupport Language : C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic, Qt, Delphi
OS Support Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10Linux 2.6.14 or Higher ( 32-bit and 64-bit )