Panel Mount Monitors

Assured System’s panel mount LCD monitors are available in a wide range of sizes with optional touchscreen overlays, anti-glare coatings, IP-rated bezels for dust and water ingress protection and stainless steel bezels for hygienic clean downs.

Assured Systems panel mount monitors are designed with standard, stainless steel and IP-rated bezels.

The panel mount displays are available in sizes from 5.7″ to 55″ with a wide range of standard or wide-screen aspect ratios and can also be integrated, with resistive, capacitive, SAW or Infrared touchscreen technology.

With a CCFL or LED backlight these sunlight-readable panel mount LCDs provide up to 1000 nits for high-bright applications. These panel-mount monitors are manufactured with industrial-grade components to cope with the demands of harsh environments. Extended operating temperatures are also available.