VMX VN-390 Pro Venus Pro Series LED For Ceiling Virtual Production In-Camera Visual Effects 5000 nit, 128×256 Pixel Cabinet Resolution

VMX VN-390 Pro Venus Pro Series LED For Ceiling Virtual Production In-Camera Visual Effects 5000 nit, 128×256 Pixel Cabinet Resolution

VN-390-Pro Price: $POA

  • SMD LED Type
  • 3.9mm Pixel Pitch
  • 5000 nit
  • 16bit Gray Scale
  • 250FPS
  • 3840 Hz Refresh Rate
  • IP65/IP54 Rating
  • CE, ETL, FCC

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Introducing the revolutionary Venus Pro Series – an epitome of LED innovation tailored to meet the demands of modern visual effects and virtual production. Designed with meticulous precision, this cutting-edge LED solution promises a steadfast LED performance, making it the ultimate choice for flawless in-camera visual effects.

The Venus Pro Series stands as a testament to the strides taken in LED technology, showcasing the prowess of 3rd Generation advancements meticulously integrated to enhance the virtual production experience. This series serves as an all-in-one platform, seamlessly combining backdrops, ceiling elements, and an LED floor to create a unified canvas for captivating visual storytelling.

Crafted with convenience in mind, the Venus Pro Series boasts a modular design that redefines ease of setup and maintenance. Its ingeniously engineered components effortlessly come together, facilitating a streamlined installation process and ensuring hassle-free maintenance routines. The all-new frame design, marked by its simple and clear one-step operation, simplifies the entire setup, allowing creators to focus more on their craft and less on technical intricacies.

One of the standout features of the Venus Pro Series is its exceptional in-camera performance. The LEDs are optimized to deliver stunning visuals that seamlessly blend with real-world elements, creating an immersive and believable visual environment. This translates to remarkable visual effects that appear flawless even under the scrutiny of the camera lens.

Compatibility is a cornerstone of the Venus Pro Series, as all models seamlessly integrate with Brompton and Novastart systems. This interconnectivity ensures a cohesive and synchronized production workflow, allowing creators to harness the full potential of their setup with ease.

In essence, the Venus Pro Series transcends traditional LED displays to redefine the landscape of virtual production. With its stable performance, modular design, and exceptional in-camera capabilities, this series empowers creators to bring their wildest visions to life with unprecedented realism and efficiency.


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