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16 Isolated DIO with Change-of-State Mini-PCIe Module

ACCES I/O Official Distributor
ACCES I/O Official Distributor
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The mPCIe-II-16 consists of a type F1 PCI Express Mini Card (mPCIe) interface board that connects to a Mobile-ITX-sized, DB-37M Isolation Module via an included 9” cable. That module is designed to be easily panel-mounted in any application environment. It uses the high speed PCI Express bus to transfer digital data to and from the card. The digital I/O is compatible with 8255 PPI chips making it easy to program. This allows for simple and trouble-free migration from other ACCES PCI and PCI Express digital I/O cards, but also provides for advanced features enabled by the onboard FPGA logic.

The mPCIe-II family of cards are well suited to complex environments, mitigating otherwise challenging ground-loops, high-common-mode, and transient voltage spikes common in electrically-noisy industrial or factory locations. Individual channel-to-channel isolation allows every channel to be physically and electrically separated from the others. The broad voltage compatibility allows use in a wide range of applications.

Main Features
  • PCI Express Mini Card: Type F1 "Full Length" V1.2
  • Isolated Inputs
    • Number: 16, 8 or 4
    • Type: Non-polarized, optically isolated from each other and from the computer (CMOS compatible)
    • Voltage: 3 to 31 DC or AC RMS (40 to 10000Hz)
    • Isolation: 500V channel-to-ground and channel-to-channel
    • Resistance: 1.8KΩ in series with opto-coupler
    • Filter Response
      • Rise-time: 4.7 ms
      • Fall-time: 4.7 ms
    • Non-Filter Response
      • Rise-time: 10 μs
      • Fall-time: 30 μs
  • Digital I/O Lines
    • Number: 4
    • Type: High Side Power MOSFET Switch. Protected against short-circuit, over-temp, ESD; drives inductive loads.
    • Voltage Range: 5-34VDC recommended (customer supplied) for continuous use, 40VDC absolute maximum
    • Current Rating 2A maximum
    • Turn On time: 90μsec
    • Turn Off time: 110μsec
    • Digital Inputs (4 or 2 LVTTL)
      • Logic High: 2.0V to VCCIO (3.3VDC, 5VDC tolerant)
      • Logic Low 0V to 0.8V
    • Digital Outputs (4 or 2 LVTTL)
      • Logic High: 2.0V (min) 24mA source
      • Logic Low: 0.55V (max) 24mA sink
  • Environmental
    • Operating: 0°C to 70°C (order -T option for industrial temperature -40°C to 85°C)
    • Storage: -65°C to 150°C
    • Humidity: 5% to 95%, non-condensing
    • Power required: +3.3VDC @ 360ma (typical)
  • Physical
    • mPCIe card characteristics
    • Weight: 6.2 grams
    • Size
      • Length: 50.95mm (2.006″)
      • Width: 30.00mm (1.181″)
    • I/O connector
      • On-card: Molex 501190-4017 40-pin latching
      • Mating: Molex 501189-4010
  • Isolation board characteristics
    • Weight: 38.2 grams, (+11.2 grams for the 9" cable)
    • Size (Mobile-ITX sized)
      • Length: (2.952″)
      • Width: (1.1.772″)
    • I/O connector
      • On board: Male, D-Sub Miniature, 37-pin
      • Mating: Female, D-Sub Miniature, 37-pin
Ordering Info
  • mPCIe-II-16 - 16 Isolated DIO with Change-of-State Mini-PCIe Module
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