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1-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter

ACCES I/O Official Distributor
ACCES I/O Official Distributor
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1.5m Cable
Our USB adapters are intelligent modules which provide a cost-effective solution for transferring high-speed asynchronous serial data over USB. The adapters provide easy connectivity between the computer and standard communication ports or remote serial devices. No PC reconfiguration, assignment of IRQs, or jumper settings required. The adapter will be recognized as a USB to Serial Adapter and install in the system as a standard COM port.
Main Features
  • Add an RS-232 serial port to any USB equipped computer
  • Data transfer rates up to 920K baud
  • Built in six foot cable
  • Plug-n-Play allowing quick connect/disconnect whenever you need an additional serial port
  • Ideal for use with portables and laptops
  • No available board slots needed
  • Communication speed: 300 to 920K baud
  • I/O Addressing: USB Plug-n-Play - auto selection
  • 384 byte receive buffer / 128 byte transmit buffer for high data throughput
  • USB Bus Powered (No external power supply required)
  • USB 1.1 (can be used with USB 2.0), UHCI / OHCI Specification Compliant
  • Uses FT8U232AM dedicated USB UART
  • Full hardware assisted or X-On/X-Off handshaking in RS-232 mode
  • Supports Auto-RTS in RS-485 mode
  • Interface Connector: DB-9, Male
Ordering Info
  • USB-232: 1-Port USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter
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