Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors

Our range of Sunlight Readable Monitors are designed for use where high ambient light affects the function of standard LCD displays, such as outdoor or mobile applications. We offer two technologies for this problem; transflective and high-brightness. These technologies are available integrated into all our mounting formats such as IP65 panel mount, open frame, chassis mount, and fully IP66 sealed enclosures, ensuring we have a sunlight readable solution for every application.

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Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors - Further Information

Monitors that can still be read in bright sunlight use a brighter screen, measured in NITS or cd/m2. There may also be extra manufacturing processes to the screen made so as not to lose brightness and clarity. If those technologies aren't enough then you can have optical bonding applied which has further benefits. We have experience of supplying sunlight readable displays in a broad spectrum of applications, from shop front windows to mission critical panels on offshore work stations.

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