Distributed I/O

Our range of Distributed I/O solutions are designed to add the ultimate in flexibility to your data acquisition network. Often sensors may be widely distributed throughout a plant and it's not cost effective to run cabling from each back to a central processor. In addition to this, low level signals are more accurately acquired when digitised close to the signal source. 

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Distributed I/O - Further Information

Our distributed I/O solutions are intelligent, sensor to computer interfaces which can be used as autonomous data loggers to acquire data for later download; alternatively, as many as 31 pods may be connected on a single two wire multi-drop RS-485 network allowing a cable distance of up to 4000 ft. Customers can also go wireless and extend ranges by adding RS-485 wireless transceivers to serial ports on the host computer. Each unit comes in a rugged IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure and can withstand harsh industrial and marine environments.

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