NUVO-5095GC with nVidia GTX950- GPU Intensive Industrial Computing

More and more applications are demanding graphics intensive performance. Whilst the advancements of big data and virtual reality are leading the march towards computing supremacy, with these industrial trends not only comes great opportunity but also the need for effectively priced, high-performance heavy-duty systems.

Future-proof Computing

VR has great industrial potential, training, education, conferencing, machine understanding and even sales are all avenues that are being explored for the fledgling technology that is one of the world’s fastest growing, and although VR in particular carries a significant expense, as entities are discovering, the rewards can be infinitely fruitful.

Technology has also influenced factories, retail and even the designing process with simulations and analytics becoming more and more sophisticated. Systems therefore have to on one part, be in-line with the requirements of today, but with such fast technological improvements, also mindful of tomorrow.

NUVO-5095GC- High Performance GPU PC Platform

Luckily, whatever happens tomorrow, we have you covered. The NUVO-5095GC is a GPU computer that puts you firmly in control and open to industry evolution. With an NVIDIA GeForce GTX950 that possesses 768 CUDA cores, the NUVO-5095GC  is specifically designed for graphics heavy applications, and to handle such activities with ease thanks to its 6th Generation Intel Core with up to 32GB of onboard DDR4 memory. It is quite an innovation and is considered to be the first embedded system aimed specifically at emerging applications of CUDA computing, autopilot, deep learning and virtual reality. 

The NUVO-5095GC has been comprehensively tested and proven with 100% GPU loading at its maximum 60°C operating temperature whilst its minimum is a lowly -25°C. The system is also inclusive of patented Cassette technology to avoid thermal interference between the CPU and GPU compartments, to create a sealed, separated airflow intake tunnel for the GTX950. The GeForce GPU is a key component that pens up numerous avenues to explore for a huge array of applications, it supports DirectX12, OpenGL4.5, OpenCL 1.2 and HDMI 2.0.

Embedded NVIDIA GeForce GTX950

The integrated GeForce GTX950 graphics card offers 5x the performance of the Intel HD530 variant found in the latest 6th generation Intel HD530 GPUs. It is this combination of high-end CPU and GPU that make the NUVO-5095GC such a unique proposition as a future-ready, highly competent GPU computing platform.

NUVO-5095GC Key Features

  • Supports 6th Gen Intel Core i7/i5 LGA1151 CPU
  • nVidia GeForce high-performance GTX950 
  • 6x GigE ports, supporting 9.5KB jumbo frame
  • Compatible with MezIO interface for function expansion
  • 2x 2.5″ SATA HDD/SSD with RAID0/1 support
  • Supports ignition control
  • Ideal for security, CUDA computing, VR, deep learning,  in-vehicle, industrial and graphic heavy applications
  • Patented Cassette design 
  • Up to 32GB, DDR4-2133 SODIMM

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