Neousys PB-9250J-SA DIN Power Backup Module

Neousys PB-9250J-SA DIN Power Backup Module


  • 180W Maximum Output Power
  • Monitors Energy and Power Consumption for Extended Operation Time
  • Ignition Control Mode for Embedded PC and In-Vehicle Computers
  • Industrial 10-Year Lifespan with Wide Operating Temperature: -25°C to 65°C

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Neousys PB-9250J-SA  standalone power backup modules protect your Embedded PC or In-Vehicle Computer against power outages. Reliably supplying 180W of power, Neousys guarantee compatibility with all systems.

Composed of eight 370F/ 3.0V supercapacitors the PB-9250J stores 9250 watt-second of energy to offer peace of mind with extended operation time to backup your system. Using Neousys’s latest CAP energy management technology, the PB-9250J-SA automatically manages boot and shutdown without installing additional drivers or software.

In addition to the uninterrupted power supply mode, this power back-up module also offers two advanced ignition control modes for in-vehicle applications, providing a stable power supply and executing user-configurable power-on and power-off delays according to it’s IGN signal input.

If you’re looking to prevent system downtime and require an uninterrupted power backup module Assured Systems highly recommend this industrial wide operating temperature solution from Neousys. We are an official Neousys distributor and can supply the PB-9250J-SA power backup module for integration with your Embedded PC or In-Vehicle computer.


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Market Certifications CE/FCC, MIL-STD

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