HD Commercial Vehicle Dash Cam

HD Commercial Vehicle Dash Cam


  • Brand: Assured Systems
  • 170° angle of view
  • 60 hours of ignition on recording
  • Lockable tamper-proof enclosure
  • Built-in G-Shock Sensor
  • Wide operating temperature
  • Analysis software included
  • Size: 88mm x 50mm x 50mm


The ASL1080-LCA is a 1080P full HD vehicle accident camera with 3-Axis G-Sensor and GPS receiver for accurate data on vehicle location, driving style and impact force of an incident. This evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads today including:

  • Cash for Crash pre-meditated staged accidents
  • False/exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Conflicting reports of actual events
  • Driving offence allegations (speed cameras, traffic signal violations etc..)

The ASL1080-LCA features a full HD (1080P), 170° lens to provide a comprehensive view of any incident. The SD card slot is protected by a lockable enclosure preventing any tampering. The unit will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information:

  • Driver’s view of the road
  • Vehicle location
  • Impact force of the incident
  • Driving style (speed, acceleration, braking and steering)

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  • ASL1080-LCA – HD Commercial Vehicle Dash Cam


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  • Image Sensor: Megapixel colour CMOS sensor
  • DSP: Standard DSP
  • Angle of view: 170°
  • Video Resolution: 1280 x 720, 640×480
  • Recording Speed: Up to 30fps per camera
  • Recording Modes: Normal (continuous), Parking Mode
  • Recording Time: 4GB (1,138 minutes), 32GB (167 hours)
  • Memory: SD Memory Card
  • GPS: Internal GPS
  • G-Sensor: Internal 3-Axis G-Sensor
  • RTC: Internal Battery
  • Buzzer: Recording Start, Error
  • LED: 2 LEDs (Record, Overwrite)
  • PC Software: PC Viewer
  • Power Input: Permanent Wiring DC 12V/24V
  • Power Consumption: 3.6W
  • Size: 88mm x 50mm x 50mm
  • Weight: 0.10kg
  • Operation Temperature: -10°C to + 60°C