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Eizo Monitors

EIZO have, for nearly 40 years, produced a globally recognized premium brand of LCD monitors with a formidable reputation. Assured Systems is therefore delighted to announce a newly formed partnership with EIZO as they continue to evolve their position as a global force in the industrial, medical, gaming and surveillance LCD monitor sectors with comprehensive ranges including the hugely popular RadiForce (Medical) & DuraVision (Industrial) products.  EIZO’s ability to produce outstanding displays goes all the way back to the beginning producing black and white televisions as an OEM manufacturer- they have been a participant in the global revolution of PC’s and it is this invaluable experience that translates into the industry leading displays that are now a part of the ever-expanding Assured Systems portfolio.

 DuraVision: Marine

 A range of monitors certified to IEC 60945 international standard for maritime navigation and radio equipment covering temperature, humidity and vibration. RGB colour settings are calibrated in-house and to meet the highly specialized requirements of ECDIS systems with further certifications in the form of IEC61174, IEC 62288 and IEC62388 for ECDIS and RADAR applications. There is even the option to display a smaller secondary screen upon utilizing the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) function to effectively display a variety of nautical information.  You can view the full range here or see the links below: 

  • FDS1904/FDS1904T: 19″ DuraVision Marine Certified (ECDIS + RADAR) Monitor (1280×1024) with Optional Touchscreen
  • FDU2603W/FDU2603WT: 25″ DuraVision Marine Certified (ECDIS + RADAR) Monitor (1920×1200) with Optional Touchscreen
  • DV4624: 46″ Duravision Marine Certified (ECDIS + RADAR) Monitor (1920×1080)

Eizo Marine Monitors

DuraVision: Security

Each display has unique features for its industry and the Security and Surveillance displays are feature rich due to the imperative visibility requirements for this sector. Visual optimization is the focus with defog, low-light correction, outline enhancer and a 2 year warranty covering 24-hour usage. Multiple inputs can be supported across the range to support various viewing options whilst NTSC/PAL and SECAM support is also available.  You can view the full range here or see the links below

  • FDS1703: 17” DuraVision Security Monitor w/VGA & BNC Inputs (1280×1024)
  • FDS1903: 19” DuraVision Security Monitor w/VGA and BNC Inputs (1280×1024)
  • FDF2305W: 23” DuraVision Full HD Surveillance Monitor (1920×1080)
  • FDF2304W-IP: 23” DuraVision IP Decoding Monitor up-to 16 IP Cameras (1920×1080)
  • FDF2306W: 23” DuraVision Real-time Surveillance Monitor (1920×1080)
  • DV2324: 23” DuraVision Surveillance Monitor w/120Hz Refresh Rate (1920×1080)

Eizo Security Monitor

DuraVision: Industrial

A range of industrial touchscreen monitors for use within factories, kiosks and public access areas with intuitive multi-touch interface allowing the user to tap, spin and drag as you would with personal handheld devices- supported by Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 drivers. High brightness and versatile mounting options are a pretty standard feature of the DuraVision range and so the industrial displays can be found in the chassis, panel and desktop touchscreen sections of our website.

  • FDX1003/FDX1003T: DuraVision Industrial High Bright LCD Monitor/Touchscreen (1024×768)
  • FDSV1201/FDSV1201T: 12” DuraVision Industrial Grade LCD/Touchscreen Monitor (800×600)
  • FDS1721T: 17” DuraVision Industrial Touchscreen Monitor w/Ecoview (1280×1024)
  • FDS1703: 17” DuraVision Security Monitor w/VGA & BNC Inputs (1280×1024)
  • FDS1921T: 19” DuraVision Industrial Flat Touchscreen Display (1280×1024)
  • FDSV1203/FDSV1203T: 12″ DuraVision High Bright Touchscreen Monitor w/VESA, Panel & Chassis Mount (1024×768)

Eizo Industrial

RadiForce: Medical

The RadiForce range caters for an eclectic array of hospital imaging requirements, from monochrome to super high resolution for full colour images, their ingrained knowledge and ability to produce medical grade displays featuring precise calibration for compliant with DICOM Part 14 and in some cases FDA510(k). Within this new range there is a vast variation of products spanning numerous industries, the monitors all come with warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years and while the specifications speak for themselves we have a huge variety of products to match your most meticulous needs view the full range here or see the links below

  • SCD19102: 19” RadiForce Healthcare Display Colour & Grayscale (1280×1024)
  • MX191: 19” RadiForce w/RadiCS LE DICOM Part 14 (1280×1024)
  • RX250: 21” RadiForce Clinical Slim Monitor 2MP DICOM Part 14 Compliant (1200×1600)
  • GX340: 21” RadiForce High-res Diagnostic Monochrome Monitor DICOM Part 14 (1563×2048)
  • RX240: 21” RadiForce Medical Grade Display DICOM Part 14 (1200×1600)
  • MX215: 21” RadiForce Medical Monitor Ideal For MRI & CT DICOM Part 14 (1200×1600)
  • GX540: 21” RadiForce Monochrome FDA 510 (k) For Mammography & Radiography (2048×2560)
  • MX235WT: 23” RadiForce Clinical Touchscreen DICOM Preset (1920×1080)
  • MX242W: 24” RadiForce Clinical Review Medical Display DICOM Part 14 (1920×1200)
  • EX270W: 27” RadiForce Full HD Wide Surgical Screen Waterproof M12 (1920×1080)
  • RX440 29” RadiForce Medical Grade LCD Monitor DICOM Part 14 (2560×1600)
  • RX650: 30” RadiForce 6MP Medical CR, DR, CT, MRI & Ultrasound DICOM Part 14 (3280×2048)
  • LX300W: 30” RadiForce w/Fail-safe DVI & DICOM Part 14 Compliance (2560×1600)
  • RX850: 31” RadiForce Multi-modality Monitor w/PACS (4096×2160)
  • LX470W: 47” RadiForce Monitor For Healthcare Applications DICOM Part 14 (1920×1080)
  • LS580W: 58” RadiForce Operating Room Monitor w/DUE DICOM Part 14 (3840×2160)
  • LX600W: 60” RadiForce Arm & VESA Mount DICOM Part 14 (3840×2160)

Eizo Medical Monitor 

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