Cincoze 2022 CS-100/P2000 Series

Cincoze launch their 2022 CRYSTAL Product lines featuring their Modular Panel PC.

Rugged embedded computer brand Cincoze announces the launch of three new 16:9 widescreen sunlight-readable display modules in 15”, 21”, and 24” to extend the CRYSTAL product line of industrial PCs.

The 16:9 widescreen sunlight-readable display modules boast vivid colors, high brightness, responsive touch, and industrial-grade rugged design. The modules are ideal for IoT and smart cities, and they are the first choice for HMI applications such as vehicle charging piles, outdoor kiosks, and self-service platforms.

To realize a more convenient, beautiful, and comfortable life for all, the promotion of smart cities has long been a crucial part of construction projects actively promoted by governments across the globe. At the heart of smart cities is the integration of AIoT technologies. Combining human-machine interfaces (HMIs), sensors, embedded computers, networks, and AI data analysis, these technologies provide the tools to assess public infrastructure needs, thereby improving the quality of life and safety of all citizens.

Building More Comfortable and Convenient Smart Cities

Outdoor kiosks are the visible human-machine interface for the smart city.

Cincoze’s CRYSTAL line includes industrial panel PCs with sunlight-readable displays in various sizes and with a modular design. The sunlight-readable display models feature crystal clear displays for bright daylight viewing and are strong enough to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. They are suited to outdoor kiosk use in smart cities, such as smart bus kiosks, automatic ticket vending machines, vending machines, express cabinets, public information stations, and smart mailboxes.

Forward-Looking Patented Design Enriches Future Upgradeability

The Cincoze sunlight-readable display module line-up currently includes 8” to 19” 4:3 modules, and the newly added 15”, 21”, 24” ,16:9 modules, provide a more comprehensive range of size options.

The new modules inherit the design concepts of the CRYSTAL series, including the patented convertible display system (CDS) modular system. CDS enables the addition of a P2000/P1000 series embedded system module to create a sunlight-readable panel PC or the addition of the M1000 series display module, to create a sunlight-readable industrial monitor with multiple and flexible solutions to facilitate future upgrades and maintenance.

The embedded system component offers various options including, Intel Atom, Pentium, and Core i3/i5 CPUs, up to 64 GB of memory, and 2x 2.5″ HDD/SSD, selectable to match perfectly with system performance needs. For the display, there are options from 8″ to 21.5″ with projective capacitive (PCAP) touch displays, and high-brightness 1600 nits backlight that make them clearly visible even under outdoor sunlight.

These sunlight-readable display modules have multiple combinations, industrial-grade design, and 50,000 hours backlight life. The modules have the hardware durability and future upgradeability for various industrial environments, such as IoT, smart cities, and other fields.

Rich I/O for Multiple Applications

Specific I/O requirements for outdoor kiosks vary between applications and between installation environments. The Cincoze range of sunlight-readable panel PCs have the most commonly needed I/O connections right out the box, including USB 3.0, COM, and GbE LAN, to connect to devices like barcode readers, cameras, and card readers. For specialized applications, there is an M.2 E key and two full-size mini-PCIe slots for wireless connectivity modules or any of Cincoze’s exclusive mini-PCIe expansion card (MEC) modules for additional COM, USB, and LAN ports.

Thin 16:9 Widescreen, Fine Picture Quality, Wide Viewing Angle

Cincoze’s 16:9 widescreen sunlight-readable display module uses a high-brightness display panel with vertical and horizontal viewing angles of 178° and 1000+ nits high brightness for crystal clear images even under outdoor sunlight. The screen’s 16.7 million colors and 1920×1080 Full HD display provide an immersive clear image. The panel is scratch-resistant with a 7H hardness rating, has a high-transmittance projective capacitive touch, support for multitouch (standard setting: five points), and a fast response time. The front frame is IP65 waterproof and dustproof and made from solid die-cast aluminum . The whole display module can operate smoothly at -20 to 70℃ without any worry of damage from prolonged exposure to severe outdoor weather or harsh industrial environments.

The Cincoze 2022 CS-100/P2000 Series is available now, with 15”  and 21” displays with the 24” option coming soon, including the CS-W115FHC/P2002, CS-W121C/P2102, CS-W115FHC/P2102  and CS-W124C/P2102.



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