Embedded Box Computers Certified For Transport

Certified For Transport

Assured Systems is proud to continue working in our award-winning partnership with Axiomtek in embedded based projects. One of our most successful sectors has been in transport where the application of technology calls for a great demand on equipment to be tough and reliable, proven so by certification. Coming soon from Axiomtek and available through Assured Systems are the tBOX100-838-FL and tBOX324-894-FL.

The tBOX100-838-FL is a great 'performance vs cost' choice for rolling stock, fleet or shipping applications. Of particular note is the 5 BNC inputs which allows for the use of 4 analogue cameras and 1 analogue audio input. Read more about the Axiomtek tBOX100-838-FL here.

The tBOX324-894-FL carries the ability to run digital cameras over 4 GbE LAN with 2 hot-swoppable 2.5” SATA drive trays to easily record and store footage. The choice of powerful processors and extensive I/O enables this system to undertake a great deal more too. Read more about the Axiomtek tBOX324-894-FL here. 

These two new systems have been rigorously tested to the standards required for rail, road and marine applications. The main certifications and standards are briefly described below:

Certification for ROLLING STOCK

Ebedded System Certified for Rail

EN 50155

This is an international standard required for all electrical equipment used on rolling stock for rail applications. We covered the depth and breadth of what is required to pass EN50155 in an earlier news article here, but essentially it involves systems standing up to wide temperatures, shock and vibration, a wide range of voltage to power the systems, electromagnetic parameters and evidence of tested performance and reliability. Any EN50155 system is going to be rugged enough to take the sustained pressures of a rail environment.

EN 50121

EN50121 is specifically the electromagnetic compatibility of an electrical device within rolling stack. EN50121 has to be passed as part of the EN 50155 compliance. The standard restricts electromagnetic interference levels allowed to be emitted to the outside world as well as within the train vehicle itself. It measures any potential risk to signaling and telecommunications apparatus as well as fixed power supply installations.

EN 45545-2

This standard represents fire standards on railway applications with requirements for the behavior of materials and components.

EN 61373

Again, this standard is composite to the EN50155 for railway applications. The EN 61373 is concerned with shock and vibration, testing any electronic device over differing axis and timescales up to 5g.

Certification for ROAD GOING VEHICLES

Embedded System Certified for Road


The E-mark is a stipulation for any electronic device to be used in a road going vehicle. As with EN number standards above, the E-mark measures and restricts a system from being unsafe with considerations such as electromagnetic interference. The E-mark also regulates any potential for the device to distract the driver of a vehicle with features such as audible and visual signals.

ISO 7637

This ISO certification deals with the electrical transients (bursts of energy), compatibility when fitted to vehicles. Typically road going vehicles will be using 12/24V circuits so any surge in voltage may damage other systems on the circuit. ISO 7637 tests a system against both causing electrical transients and also its reliability when facing an electrical surge.

Certification for MARITIME VESSELS

Embedded System Certified for Sea

DNV 2.4

DNV ‘Det Norske Veritas’ or ‘The Norwegian truth’, now merged with Germanischer Lloyd, is the world’s largest classification society concerned mostly with maritime and offshore environmental regulations. DNV 2.4 qualifies a system for safeguarding life on a vessel but also the offshore environment.

IEC 60945

This is the International Electro-technical Commission standard for maritime navigation and communication equipment to be able to withstand the harsh environment and conditions of operating at sea.

Assured Systems can provide embedded computer box systems, touchscreen panel pcs and monitors for any transport application. View our Vehicle and Marine Computing Products here.

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