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Assured Systems supply a wide range of industrial Pico-ITX motherboards fully configured with your choice of processor, memory, storage and operating system.

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Assured Systems supplies industrial Pico-ITX motherboards that carry a small form factor 100mm x 72mm footprint. The Pico-ITX motherboards are targeted for embedded applications where space is limited and support low power consumption and fanless design with rich I/O connectivity.

 Assured Systems are your trusted Pico-ITX motherboard supplier and system integrator.

Being experinced in configuring the best Pico-ITX motherboards for a wide range of applications, sets us apart from our peers. With over 70% of our staff dedicated to technical sales, we recommend solutions that not only fit performance requirements but carry the correct certification and go through rigorous testing.  

If you require support in these initial stages, our friendly technical-staff will happily make recommendations for you to take away and discuss with your team.

Reliable solutions: Ensuring ongoing compatibility is paramount when choosing a Pico-ITX motherboard for your embedded application. At Assured Systems, we integrate our industrial Pico-ITX with industrial grade components, eradicating component level changes that can cause unexpected behaviour, incompatibility, and even system downtime.

Customized solutions for embedded applications: Our electronic and mechanical engineer at Assured Systems is able to support customers with integrating Pico-ITX motherboards within custom fabricated enclosures. 

It is common for the Pico-ITX motherboard to pair with a display which may require custom LVDS cabling, or a dedicated controller board and backlight power module. Prototypes, can be supplied in short time frames to reduce your time to market. Once approved, we can manage all required certifications necessary.

Stringent approach to build: Our technical engineers build all Pico-ITX motherboards with a consistent and rigorous approach, guranteeing that that you will receive identical systems every time. All system builds are carried out in an Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA).

A customized operating system, BIOS and installation of your application software: We look after our customers for hardware and software. Our operating system engineer at Assured Systems will preconfigure the BIOS based on your application demands to protect the system from many of the failure modes. 

If indeed required, Assured Systems can create a ‘golden image’, with your preferred user interface or application software being pre-installed to lower its time to market.

Thoroughly soak tested: Attention to detail doesn’t stop with the build. Assured Systems soak test your Pico-ITX motherboard before being shipped out the door. We can put the system under load and emulate any test routines you need.

Guaranteed stock holding: We understand the importance of continuous supply for our OEMs and integrators alike. An agreed stock level is kept on our shelves after they’ve been built and tested to assure your industrial Pico-ITX motherboards are ready to go via next day delivery.

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